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No, You Can’t Take The Stuff You Hoard To Heaven




Did you know that May 10th was National Clean Your Room Up Day?  I would love to see some raised hands from some of you who knew about this special day or participated. May 1oth was your chance to make a small dent in that clutter for all mankind. You know, to go forth to where no man has gone before?

I told a loved one many times that no matter what he bought from the QVC network there was no way it was going with him, and at last count he had stored over 167 brand new Christmas tree light boxes throughout the house. I asked him why he needed so many and he told me that the items were on sale or he needed them. Who needs that many lights unless you are trying to make yourself seen on Google Earth.

When I ordered clothing for my business it was always one for me and one for the store. Half the stuff I never wore and I continued to collect everything under the sun. Eventually all of those Bradford Exchange plates I paid top dollar for became worthless. The bottom had fallen out of Scarlet O’Hara’s ceramic dress.

So one day I got up, looked at the stuff around me and decided enough was enough. The house fire had taught me that what you own can go in a nano minute so I proceeded to start donating and decluttering.

Here are a few decluttering tips from Craig Kanalley from The Huffington Post that I figured you might enjoy with some of my thoughts.


Start with one area at a time.

I realize for some of you getting started is much like experiencing an in-house dream with Ghandi. But there no worries of drive bys or early birds like garage sales if you set up your own schedule.

Toss Papers you don’t need.

Oh, I am the Queen of tossing papers. Leave things on a desk for more than 24 hours and it is gone quickly to the local landfill site. If your loved one does not see it they have no idea it came in the mail.

Listen to Music while you Clean

Put on some Janet Jackson music, get nasty and begin getting rid of that 80’s stuff.  Believe me, not even Goodwill wants those padded shoulders. When I used to volunteer for a thrift shop we tossed out a lot of donations. If you find the item ugly or outdated chances are we will too. Just because you no longer want it does not mean we want it. Be also careful where you store your donation bags. Opening a bag and finding a snake in it like I did once is not pleasant.


Find someone to help

Preferably someone who will not gossip,  sell the pictures to the National Enquirer or blog about it.

Have a Trash Bag handy at all times!

You have no idea how freeing that it can be to load those bags with stuff and possibly the odd annoying human being. Maybe take pictures of the loved ones first for your keepsake photo book. Scanning them should be easy.


Set a deadline

Preferably in this century.


Treat yourself when it’s done

That does not mean you can go out and buy more stuff like a friend of mine did. She ended up buying more clothing than she threw out.

Remember that if you choose not to do any of the above and ignore the clutter, this will be the final tip your family will have to deal with– and really– do you want anyone touching your stuff?


Dedicated to Steve and Kevin

Photos by Linda Seccaspina 

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