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An Old Journal Entry — Her Name was Dolly

An Old Journal Entry — Her Name was Dolly




Digging through 100s of blogs from an old blog site I found this. This was from an email friend the late Nancy Erwin today about her parrot. I think we can all use a chuckle today..


Nov. 27th, 2005 at 9:31 PM

Linda, this bird I have is really an eye stopper. She is all bright green with yellow feathers on her head and is called a yellow nape. Now how can I not tell you the funniest thing that blasted bird has done??? It’s a ripper! About 2 months ago I’m running through the house naked after I realized I left my robe in the laundry room. I got halfway across the great room and the doorbell rang.

I crept around the picture window..still naked and the bell rang again. Well I couldn’t answer it with no clothes on.




All of a sudden Dolly decided to yell. “COME IN!!!!” I nearly fainted as I was still undressed. The doorbell ring yet again and Dolly bellows COME IN once again. I tried to tell her to shut up, but the more the doorbell rang  the louder that bird yelled.

I quickly  laid down on the floor and scooted into the kitchen. I grabbed my robe off the chair and grabbed a fist full of penny’s which I proceeded to throw at her cage trying to get her to be quiet. After about 15 minutes of ringing and Dolly yelling they finally left. I stormed over to Dolly’s cage to cuss her out and I don’t know why but she turned her head sideways and said softly “I love you”.

It blew me away.


The Appleton General Store and Polly Parrot

In Memory of Someone You Never Met- Nancy Erwin



Photo thanks to Penny Erwin-Nancy Erwin 1946-2016

As Dr. Seuss once said “Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.” A few days ago a beloved friend died and even though the past year or so contact had been sporadic, we still knew each other was there.

Like most of my forever friends I met Nancy Erwin online when she bought a purse from me years ago on EBay. Through the years we laughed, we argued, and and we got along like long lost sisters. Why? Because the both of us were what she called–“stubborn horses asses”, but we both knew we would always have each others back

Nancy was a tough nut, no doubt about it, and just like me, she had her opinions and loved her jewelry, American Idol and college football. But one thing that was always clear to me is that she loved her children, Charlie and Jenny, and her Grandchildren dearly. Nancy’s dogs were the love of her life, and when she got sick later on she worried about her beloved Chuckie, but knew Doc was taking good care of him.


Through the years I felt like I personally knew all the Erwin family.  Some days after talking to Nancy I  got off the phone thinking her sister Jackie was my best friend too. It’s so very hard to explain how her family became my family.  I even called her late father “our Dad” and also mourned with her when he died.

During one of her bouts of sickness when I talked to her son Charlie it was like I had known him all my life. In my last book I quoted Nancy as she meant the world to me and I wanted everyone to know that for eternity. No matter what each of us went through we were always just a phone call away.

“You were without a doubt the most stubborn woman I have ever met, but then you had a heart as big as the sea, and as wide as the ocean. We met by accident but you absolutely picked me up from the edge of hell. I can never forget you for that. I knew you would always be there no matter what. I always wanted to be the one that died first because I don’t want to be here without you..you stubborn horses-ass.” Nancy Erwin..Pelham, Alabama

I  didn’t want you to die first Nancy, as I don’t want to be here without you either.  I know Nancy now flies with the grandest of wings that she never knew she had. My memory loves you Nancy, and it will ask about you all the time.

In Memory of Nancy Erwin of Pelham, Alabama, and much love to her family who I feel is almost like my own.



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