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Bring Me Your Dolls, Your Toy Trains, and Your Mousetrap Games!


I write to attempt to expel too many thoughts going through my brain. In essence, my life has many ups and downs like everyone else.  Sometimes it becomes a real Mouse Trap Game and I am playing the lead role as the mouse.

So why do I relate my life to a game of toys gone by? That is because every single one of us remembers a favourite doll, game, or truck, that helped us through life. Toys and life in general is expensive now, and these days money is not growing on trees. So what can we do?

Our local gal and promoter Shannon Murray O’Neill is asking the public for donations of toys, children’s books, games and DVD’s. She in turn will sell the items out at the flea market, via the Toys for Tummies Facebook page, or on other groups on Facebook.  All proceeds goes to Lanark County Food Bank (hense “Toys For Tummies”).

Their mission:
1.) To raise much needed funds for Lanark County Food Bank during a year long fundraising effort, collecting toys and re-selling them.
2.) Helping parents clear out the toys their children no longer need, want or play-with while giving to a good LOCAL cause. We will also take board games, movies and books.
3.) Providing a way for other parents to purchase some gently used toys, books, games, and movies at a fraction of retail costs.

Gather up your old McDonald toys that the kids no longer play with. They will be making them into ornaments for next Christmas, with again, proceeds going to the Lanark County Food Bank.

This has been a year long project. Shannon began it on January 1st, and will continue it until December 31st. Check out the Facebook page, and if you would like anything pictured in their album, please comment on the picture itself. They ask that you please pick-up within 3 days.

She just needs a bit more help getting the word out about it. So spread the word!

People can drop off donations to the flea market
Location: Murray’s Furniture & Flea Market (525 High Street, Carleton Place)
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-6, Saturday-Sunday 10-5.

Photos by Linda Seccaspina from my beloved Peralta Junction in Oakl…