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The Wall Mysteries of Lake Ave East -Residential Artists


I have written about Mr. Burgess of Carleton Place and the artists that painted the walls of our local hotels such as the Mississippi  and Queen’s Hotel but the stories increase. Here is what was under the years of wallpaper at the old Burgess house on Lake Ave East.











Some day I hope to be able to see the interior of this home as there are so many stories that I would like to document. Llew Lloyd, a local wallpaper hanger  who worked for J. G. Voyce that lived near St. James Anglican Church autographed the wall in the Apt. 3 ktichen in February of 1948. This may have been the time the house was broken down into apartments.


Picture of: J G Voyce painter and paper hanger of Carleton Place— Date is April 17/1916- grandfather of Joann Voyce- photo courtesy of Joann Voyce

The owners found  his autograph after they stripped down some layers of wallpaper. There was also a signature  of  Mr. Voyce  from 1916 under 4 layers of wallpaper.



It was popular to paint scenes of the countryside because it was the point of view for most rural folks. The emotional tendencies of that era was reflected in residential wall art and murals in local  business establishments like our local Carleton Place hotels.

Since I began writing about the town of Carleton Place last March I have found out all about the cisterns of Carleton Place- now this. What other secrets do we have in town?


With files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum