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Merril Munro Lost in Ramsay Swamp 1944

Merril Munro Lost in Ramsay Swamp 1944

Merril Munro, 9 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Munro, Jr., 11th line of Ramsay Township, was the object of an intensive search from Monday evening until he was found on Tuesday. Mr. Munro purchased Mrs. W. H. Robertson’s farm on the 11th line at the first of this year. At the back of the farm is a large swamp which runs down to the Mississippi river. The boy had gone to bring the cows home and thought he heard a cowbell in the swamp.

It is thought that he merely heard an echo as the cows had come home themselves. He became completely lost and when he came to the river bank he made a comfortable bed of leaves (so he said) and slept until morning. In the meantime a search party had been organized and shots were fired to try to attract his attention.

The searchers gave up at midnight but continued their search at daylight. Mr. Thos. Command who was patrolling the river in a boat about 10 a.m. Tuesday discovered the lad and rowed across to Percy Drynan’s on Highway 29. From there he was brought to his home. It is noteworthy that the boy was not afraid nor did he complain of being cold. It is understood some of the searchers kept on looking for the lad for some time after he had been found until word reached them to that effect.


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The Missing Heir

This is the old Hugh Munro log house, located on lot 1, concession 11 of Darling Township, which was apparently built in the early 1840’s or early 1850’s.

This property is presently owned by Wilbert Munro.

Cora Munro Yuill — Arthur Yuill — For Glenda Mahoney with Love

Cora Munro Yuill — Arthur Yuill  — For Glenda Mahoney with Love

My good friend Glenda Mahoney asked me to do a wee bit of research and there is nothing I love more.. This is for you Glenda with much love..

Cora Munro Yuill

The House

Lanark County Genealogical Society

April 21, 2020  · Anne Ouimet writes. When I was very young & we would be on our way to Clayton Lake for our vacation. Just a short way from turning down the last road in. I remember my Mom pointing out a house on the left telling us it was Miss Pretty’s house. I never met the lady but we knew we were close to reaching our destination. Would that be the area this family lived in? LCGS Corporate Secretary Rose Mary replies, Here is the house you mention, yes the family lived in this area. The original Evans/Pretty house is the clapboarded one. At one time it was painted yellow. The log house was moved there in the 1970s or 1980s. It was Cora (Munro) Yuill’s house and was moved from the 3rd? line of Ramsay. Maybe someone can assist us in confirming the concession.

Dawn JonesThe original house on the left in this photo was yellow at one time and the Log house was brought in. Heather Higgs and Wayne Pender I think. Rose Mary Sarsfield

Glenda MahoneyAlex do u know where there is a copy of the poem Grandma Yuill wrote about the old house being moved.

Alexandra Folkard
April 22, 2020  · 
This is another photo from the 50’s

Alexandra FolkardIt moved there in the 90’s and it moved from old perth Rd. I Remember going with my Grandma Eileen Boothby (Cora’s Daughter) to look inside the house after they built it back up 🙂

Heather HiggsHi, I lived there for over 20 years and raised my family there… It was my ex husband and I that bought the house in 1986 it was just the original house with board and batten, then we purchased and moved the log part in around 1990.

The wedding

from ancestry and Laurie Yuill marriage certificate 1931

LaurieYuillLaurieYuill originally shared this on 29 Apr 2017

Name:Cora Munro
Birth Year:abt 1905
Birth Place:Darlington Twp. Ontario
Marriage Date:18 Nov 1931
Marriage Place:Lanark, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Father:Robert Munro
Mother:Ida Munro
Spouse:Arthur Yuill
Name:Cora Manro[Munro]
Racial or Tribal Origin:Scotch (Scotish)
Marital Status:Single
Birth Year:abt 1906
Birth Place:Ontario
Residence Date:1 Jun 1921
House Number:42
Residence Street or Township:Darling
Residence City, Town or Village:Township of Darling
Residence District:Lanark
Residence Province or Territory:Ontario
Residence Country:Canada
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Father’s Name:Robert Manro
Father Birth Place:Ontario
Mother’s Name:Elizabeth Manro
Mother Birth Place:Ontario
Can Speak English?:Yes
Can Speak French?:No
Can Read?:Yes
Can Write?:Yes
Enumeration District:97
Sub-District:Darling (Township)
Sub-District Number:15
Enumerator:James Guthrie
District Description:Polling Division No. 2 – Comprising that part Of the township west of the Fifth concession line from lot 1 to lot 4, both inclusive and that part east of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, lot 27, both inclusive
Neighbours:View others on page
Line Number:27
Family Number:42
Household MembersAgeRelationshipRobert Manro51HeadElizabeth Manro46WifeEarl Manro21SonWilbert Manro11SonEva Manro23DaughterFlorence Manro18DaughterCora Manro15Daughter


1905(AGE)Select fact


17 Aug 1905 • Darlington Twp. Ontario

1 Source

193126Select fact


13 Nov 1931 • Middleville Manse,

Arthur Yuill


193126Select fact


18 Nov 1931 • Lanark, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Arthur Yuill

(1897–1963)1 Source


Birth of daughter Blanche Yuill(1934–2012)

26 Feb 1934


Birth of daughter Alma Yuill(1937–2003)

31 Jul 1937


Birth of daughter Eileen M. Yuill(1940–2017)

31 Oct 1940


Birth of daughter Della Yuill(1945–2012)

18 Feb 1945


Death of husband Arthur Yuill(1897–1963)

06 May 1963

199590Select factView


18 Oct 1995

LaurieYuillLaurieYuill originally shared this on 07 Sep 2017–Cora Yuill & Blake Mahoney at his Christening, 1983
sherren193sherren193 originally shared this on 23 Nov 2018

The Yuill family
Connie Jackson
My grandfather was raised by Robina and William. It was his mother Agnes wishes before she died when he was an infant. Grandpa ended up staying on at the farm at his Uncle Bills request. My Grandma said there was always family coming to visit on the weekends and Robina would want the dining room
Judy Arnott
These are my great great grandparents. Allie Yuill was my mother’s grandfather. His mother Robina was my dad’s great great aunt.scrubbed til it shone, good china out and chandelier lit to serve a tasty meal

Clayton Ontario History
April 28, 2018  · 

Robert Munro and Ida Watchorn married 1895. Parents of Eva (Mrs. James Fulton, Admaston), Earl Munro, Almonte, Florence (Mrs. J. H. Watt, Union Hall), Cora (Mrs. Arthur Yuill, Darling) and Wilbert Munro, Hall’s Mills. Grandparents and great grandparents and likely gg grandparents of many!

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A Hare of a Story –Donald Munroe — Horst Fallack

A Hare of a Story –Donald Munroe — Horst Fallack

Once again the tranquillity of the peaceful hamlet of Blakeney has been interrupted. Last Saturday night, I was touring the village and what did I behold in the beam of my headlights?

Was it a gigantic rat?

No, it was another member of the rodent family commonly known as a rabbit, and the same one that Donald Munro had asked me to keep an eye out for. You see, it was their pet rabbit which had escaped captivity and was now enjoying its rare glimpse of freedom.

Well, knowing the Munro’s need for its capture as they feared harm may come of it little did I know that I was now participating in an adventure which would involve several people and would take the better part of an hour. Getting out of my car I tried to corner it along a fence, but to no success. It immediately escaped me by hopping through a hole.

Beth Munro came up the road and I immediately informed her of the situation She replied that Donnie was already out there somewhere m the darkness pursuing the little culprit. At that moment Donnie and a good neighbour, Andy Sweetapple with flashlight in hand, joined in on the chase.

Back and forth across roads, ditches and over fences we did go but to no avail This version of Bugs Bunny had no intentions of being caught and was doing a marvellous lob of evading us. Braving the elements, we stripped off our jackets and used them in a fashion of a Matador .

We began to meet with some success using this method and were able to control the rabbits direction to some degree. Finally after all this running around, diving madly, throwing our jackets as nets, we had it cornered, or did it have us cornered? Anyways, Andy bravely dove right in and caught it .

Cheers rang up and boy. we were glad it was over as we all huffed and puffed our way up the road Donniw invited everyone over for a well deserved drink and the chase was finally over.

Horst Fallack —Blakeney 1980

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So Which Island did the River Drivers of Clayton get Marooned On?


acjb00010011 (1).jpg

Date:1902-Location:Mississippi River, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada–Photo from the North Lanark Regional Museum— I do believe this is one of Annie Duff’s photos

With files from the  April 20, 1920–Almonte Gazette

The citizens of Clayton had a quite exciting time that Saturday night in April of 1920 as the Almonte Gazette’s Clayton correspondent wrote. It appears that “messengers” as they called them came from Hall’s Mills with a report that some men had gone missing.  The Gazette reported that Alexander Monroe Jr., and William Munroe were missing and fears were met that they had been in a serious accident. They left their homes on Friday morning to bring a raft of logs down the river to the sawmill. Towards evening they had not returned to their home, nor had anyone received any word from them.

Their wives and children became fearful for their safety and on Saturday morning there was still no word of them. Messrs. E. Munroe, D. Thompson and Charles Munroe took to their boats and great relief was felt in Clayton when they returned in about an hour with the two men. The unfortunates had been compelled to spend a night on an island.

It seems that on Friday a heavy storm of hail and rain fell over them and it was accompanied by a strong wind along with some thunder and lightning. The Munroes and Thompson got along all right with their raft of logs until they approached the outlet of the lake. Night fell and they were without a boat. The men made a small raft and tried to get to an island near by, but just near the shore their raft went to pieces, and the men had to wade up to their waists in order  to make shore on the island

With damp matches and and wood damp the three men were unable to make a fire. They
had no overcoat and their wet clothes made for an uncomfortable stay on the island. Found safe and sound the next day they appeared to be none the worse of their experiences- and most certainly had a tale to tell to future generations.

*Does anyone know where this island this was?

Lyall McKay

There are two islands in the channel one just by the old floating bridge where Joe Baye was to keep his horse pastures. The other island is around by where the main hydro line crosses the lake.


Rose Mary SarsfieldThe 1863 Walling Map shows a small island in Taylor Lake near the area of the Floating bridge. The lake has changed a great deal over the years. My book will have a copy of the original survey map before there was a dam on the river.

Perth Courier, July 1, 1898

On Thursday, June 16, a report reached here that Albert Stewart had been drowned. The result was only too true although the details of the report are not yet to hand.  The daily papers stated that Mr. Stewart and a companion named Deschene were drowned on Monday evening, June 13 about twenty miles below the mouth of the Crow River on the Coulonge while driving logs for Messrs. W.C. Edwards and Co.  Their bodies have not yet been recovered although diligent search has been made.  Mr. Stewart was married last fall to a daughter of William Miller of Middleville and a few days later left for River Dessert, Quebec along with Jas. Deachman and P. Wright, also of this place.  When the winter’s work in the woods was finished, the deceased and his companion Mr. Wright went river driving which he was engaged in when he met his death.  Much sympathy is expressed for his bereaved wife who is residing at Middleville, the suspense is due to the failure to recover his body as well as the difficulty of communications with those on the scene of the accident rendering the affliction the more grievous.  Lanark Era

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