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Robberies in Carleton Place — Mr. Ed Campbell of High Street



“After a robbery and pretty severe beating as I recall, Mr. Campbell gave his store up. Then there was only Mr. Hughes’ store further up Moffatt Street near the Flynn’s and the Robertson’ s place. Later to be Mr. Connelly’s store.”

On the 27th of June 1960, Ed Campbell, a 70-year-old grocer in Carleton Place was roughed up by two unidentified young men.  Mr. Campbell lived alone on the corner of High and Bridge Street, and didn’t own a telephone. Our local police did not learn of the horrible 2 am incident until noon the next day. Mississippi  Motors Garage worker Austin Wright noticed that Mr. Campbell’s store was not open when he came to work in the morning. Wright immediately called the police, and they found poor Mr. Campbell lying on his bed, shaken up by the attack.


He was immediately rushed to the hospital for minor injuries. Mr. Campbell told police he had heard a noise and went downstairs. He was immediately grabbed by the two assailants and all his money was taken from his pocket. The thugs had gained entrance by forcing open a cellar window. A few weeks earlier, J.A. Florent and his wife Julia of Townline Road were clubbed with a .22 rifle and robbed by an intruder who escaped out the front door. No trace of either assailants were found.


Top photos from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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