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Movin’ on Mill Street– Supertest Building

Movin’ on Mill Street– Supertest Building


Sandy France Supertest was across from the Superior.


The other Supertest



Sandy France At one time, I think it was a Cities Service gas station. Fulton’s Supertest was across the street. Supertest was also across from the Superior.

Michael Sandy  Run by Mr. Madden (Jerry I think) who stood for me on my Confirmation) Always a free coke when my Dad went in for a visit.

Jeri Lunney When I was in grade 9, someone stole my wallet. No money but lots of pictures! When the Supertest was being torn down, they found my wallet— years after it had been stolen. A man managed to find my dad and gave him my wallet with those precious pictures. I don’t know who he was but I thanked him via the Ottawa Citizen in Dave Brown’s column. Maybe he will read this & know how much I appreciated what he did.All those pictures are in a big frame hanging in my condo.


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