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We Know About the Witch of Plum Hollow — But Have you Heard About Mother Lajeunesse?

We Know About the Witch of Plum Hollow — But Have you Heard About Mother Lajeunesse?


She Was Possessed Of Unusual Powers — Mother Lajeunesse Could Read People’s Thoughts And Foretold Coining Events.

Ever hear of old “Mother” Lajeunesse, who lived in the village of Embrun village a great many years ago? She was said to have possessed mystic powers similar to those of Mother Barnes, the Witch of Plum Hollow. She was known throughout the county of Russell and beyond, and even Ottawa and Hull people went to her to have their fortunes told and mysteries cleared up.

Mrs. Duncan McDiarmid from Ottawa said in 1935 that Mother Lajeunesse had the uncanny faculty of reading people’s thoughts and forecasting coming events. Unlike the Witch of Plum Hollow, she never accepted any payment for her services. Mother Lajeunesse told her fortunes in a little room in a tumbledown shack at one end of the village.

When Mrs. McDiarmid’s father, the late Jeremiah Brisson, was a very young man he left home and was not heard from for many years. One day his mother, Mrs. Joseph Brisson, approached Mother Lajeunesse and asked her if she could tell her anything about her son. Like a flash, the reply came:

“Yes, your son is in the United States; he is married and has two children; in a few weeks you will hear from him and six weeks after that he will come home to visit you.”

And sure enough, three weeks later the mother did receive a letter from her son, stating where he was, that he was married and had two children, and was preparing to come home, and exactly six weeks after the letter arrived he was home

author’s note.. I could not find anything else about her in the newspaper archives.


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