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Twin Oaks Motel Opens -1959 — Highway 7 Landmarks


twin oaks

Photo- Ottawa Citizen 1959


In 1959 the brand new Twin Oaks Motel opened and the motel was touted as another incentive  for tourists to stay over in Carleton Place. It was owned and operated by John and Natalie Mikolaitis and John acted as his own general contractor in the construction of the motel. The Twin Oaks Hotel was renowned as one of the first in Ontario to be entirely heated by electricity.

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twin oaks1111

Installing baseboards for heat was a novel new idea. In the late 50s there was an increasing interest in electric heat for the home. Each of the 12 units in the motel had their separate heat controls, complete 4 piece bathroom, wall to all carpeting and absolutely fire proof.




 photo courtesy of Tammy Marion


Postcard Shane Wm Edwards

twin oaks1

The Miklaitis also installed a  special water softener to assure that guests had soft water at their disposal. Television sets were offered with each unit at no extra cost.



Photo from EBay

Other Highway 7 landmarks —


Peter Watkins submitted this information and photo of the Gourmet.. Thanks Peter!

My Grandfather James Murray was the original owner of the now Gourmet restaurant which he sold to his daughter Janet and husband Paul Watkins (my parents) in 1950. They operated the business as a shell gas station, auto repair and dinner style restaurant until 1958. It was then sold and was operated as Heidi’s Restaurant. I have included an early arial photo taken during the 1940’s or so. Myself and my sisters have fond memories of the area which was known as the “four corners”. My eldest sister Pam and I attended the one room school house down at the corner. There was also another gas station near the school operated by Levi Ray, not sure but possibly an ESSO station.





Pond motel photos from jeays.ca

Tim Bell added: My parents bought the ” Pond Motel ” just down the road on hwy 7, i think in 1961. Sold it 5 years later. We had baseboard heating through out the motel also.

Sigma 7 on Highway 7 near the four corners– I found this postcard titled: The Sigma 7 Restaurant Shell Station in Carleton Place on Ebay.


February 1966 classified ad


After- The Gourmet Restaurant



Jim’s Restaurant







Heidi at Jim’s Restaurant 1967 Donna McFarlane


Jim Mikolaitis added:

Interesting article..
My parents built the Twin Oaks. Also built a “Frozen Custard” stand. We sold Dairy Queen product….there was only one DQ in Ottawa at the time. I was six years old and I used to make cones and served the public. Every year they would have a free ice cream day to start the season! Anyone remember that?




Fire at Big Jim’s farther down the road thanks to Donna Mcfarlane