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Smiths Falls Fire-Coghlan & Moag

Smiths Falls Fire-Coghlan & Moag


Original SFFD firehouse, fire hall, fire station Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada 11092012 ©Ian A. McCord (ocrr4204) byocrr4204 (flickr)  

June 18 1897 Smiths Falls

A correspondent sent us the following: Two small frame buildings side
by side near the corner of William and Beckwith streets went up in
smoke about midnight on Saturday. One, owned by Geo. Steele, and occupied
as a workshop by John Hannay, plumber, was not insured, but all the other damage was covered by insurance.

The other building was Coghlan & Moag’s storehouse for coffins. The fire also extended to
Coghlan & Moag’s corner building, and damaged all the furniture in the upper flat, but was speedily extinguished by the volumes of water from the hydrants and the steamer.

Everyone appreciated the prompt service of the waterworks. The building itself suffered comparatively little damage. The council will probably now hustle to increase the number of hydrants.

I read it in the Almonte Gazette



FURNITURE. Ontario Business Directory 1903

Coghlan & Moag, Beckwith street.


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal13 Mar 1913, ThuPage 10

Death Notice from Coghlan & Moag

 JONES, William Stanley, m, Nov. 10, 1900, 27 years, Oxford Co, cause – nervous prostration, teacher, infm – Coghlan & Moag, Smith’s Falls (Lanark Co) 014913-00


Marsh Funeral Home in Smiths Falls–Smiths Falls & District Historical Society–???

Erratum The picture labelled as “Marsh Funeral Home” is actually the subsequent Lannin Funeral Home. George Ray Lannin purchased the business from the Marsh Brothers, sons of business founder Jay J. Marsh, about 1957 when it consisted of the stone building on the right of the picture. Ray Lannin had some older buildings (I believe a drive shed) torn down in the mid-60s and had the white brick part added. I went to school with his daughter Rhonda (now Mrs. Ted Purvis of Merrickville) and still have occasional contact with her. John Morrow.


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal26 Aug 1897, ThuPage 5

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