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Monkeys Create Chaos in Carleton Place



During the summer of 1899 monkeys took over the town of Carleton Place-literally. It was reported in the newspapers that several raids had been made upon the town of Carleton Place by monkeys, accompanied by men with wheezy hand organs.

One specific monkey was disliked intensely as he came with not one, but two men and an organ. The townsfolk complained of the demoralizing example set by these combinations in which the higher animal appears to such disadvantages compared with his lower fellow, who certainly presents a more cleanly and industrious spectacle than his master.


The music was nothing but torture to Bridge Street businesses, and the whole outfit was considered a nuisance. It was said to be leading little Carleton Place children to wander far away from home in the boiling sun. Besides, it was also contravening the town law against begging. It would be in the public interest to give these fellows a prompt walk out of town as soon as they make their appearance some citizens said. No mention however was made after the year 1899 of the organ grinders and their primates, so I assume someone came up with some sort of bylaw.