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Mr. Mitchell was not a Hermit– The Rest of the Story


It is denied emphatically by Mrs. Jane Masterman, who is a great grandniece of the gentleman who was described in an article in the Ottawa Citizen as a Ramsay hermit (read-The Story of “Old Mitchell,” Who Lived Outside of Almonte. The story was reproduced in the Gazette of last week. Mr. Mitchell resided on a sixty acre farm near the Auld Kirk, on the 8th line of Ramsay and he was a bachelor.

He had not many friends but those he had came very close to him, for he was fond ot good company. Mr. Mitchell’s real name was Flannigan. His father was an Irish Roman Catholic and his mother was a Scotch woman named Mitchell. After he had grown to manhood Mr. Mitchell became a Protestant and took his mother’s name. He had only one month’s schooling says Masterman, but he caried on his own education with the help of his mother and became a very scholarly man. He seems to have been a good deal of a philosopher and read extensively. He was particularly fond of his Bible and he committed many passages, to memory.

There are many relatives of Mr. Mitchell in this part of the country. The Byrons are related to him. They all resent the imputations cast upon his memory. Mrs. Masterman describes him as “one of the grandest old men in the whole world,” and adds that he was never a hermit. There is an interesting connection with the Auld Kirk and Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Masterman. Mr. Mitchell attended that church, which congregation later moved to Almonte. It was St. Andrew’s church and was called the “Auld Kirk” because St. Andrew’s suffered the loss of a number of its members after the secession of 1843 from the church of Scotland.

The secessionists— it is needless to go into why they seceded— in Almonte , and the district formed the St. John’s Presbyterian Church, connected with the Free Church of Scotland. However the St. John’s members rejoined with St. Andrew’s a number of years ago. and the name St. Andrew’s was allowed to dron, and the church was called the “Almonte Presbyterian Church.” Mrs. Masterman’s husband, the late Thomas Masterman, was its faithful caretaker in his late years. After the last union of churches in 1925 the name of St. Andrew’s Church was changed to Bethany, by which name the original “Auld Kirk;’” congregation is known today.

St. John’s church was reopened by those who refused to go with the Presbyterian Church into the union, and so the situation today is exactly as it was three quarters of a century ago when Mr. Mitchell was in his prime. Mrs. Masterman says that the sand that went into the building ot a number of Almonte houses, such as P. C. MacGregor’s. Mr. W. ‘West’s, Mr. Harold Jamieson’s, and most of the buildings on Mill street came from Mr. Mitchell’s farm.

The Story of “Old Mitchell,” Who Lived Outside of Almonte

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Love Comes to Carleton Place — In Memory of Samantha Mitchell part 2

Love Comes to Carleton Place — In Memory of Samantha Mitchell part 2
The Pink Free Library coming to Carleton Place in honour of Samantha Mitchell

I just started writing and I am already crying. There was a ‘celebration of life’ Saturday at the KIN Vineyards in Carp, Ontario and I was crying there too. Of course you could rent me out to weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs— but the passing of Samantha Mitchell was not only a huge loss for the family, but for the community. If you don’t know who Sam was please click here-Samantha Mitchell –Warrior

Also check what she has written in her blog and on her Facebook page. For seven years Samantha Mitchell had metastatic breast cancer and it never stopped her once. Even though she went through hundreds of rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, multiple craniotomies and dozens of hospital stays she carried on her advocacy for the breast cancer community. She wasn’t afraid of anything anymore and cancer didn’t bring her to her knees; it brought her to her feet.

Did you know this powerhouse of a woman help raised $30,000 for cancer research? Why I Fundraise For MBC click -and on Saturday the giving kept going. Now in Samantha’s memory they are erecting ” Sammy’s Memorial Little Free Library” on Lake Ave East.

We have checked with Len at the Town Hall and all is kosherfor the placement, but now the family is collecting donations for the free library with all extra monies to be donated to Sammy’s favourite cancer charity : ReThink Breast Cancer

So if you have an extra dollar or two think of sending some dollars for Sammy and watch out for the pink library coming to Lake Ave East.

We are currently accepting e transfer donations directly to myself (jeff@thestashandco.com). These funds will go directly to the construction of the little free library, bronze plaque, and surrounding garden. Any extra funds will be donated to ReThink Breast Cancer, the charity that Samantha worked with. Thank you so much! Jeff MItchell

Jeff and Sammy Mitchell

Amanda WintonI have this really beautiful and vivid memory of you dancing at Zaphod’s to Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. – but there you were on the dance floor, looking like you had just walked out of a glossy fashion magazine.I am so thankful to have been on that dance floor with you, both literally and metaphorically. You are exceptional in every way.

KIN Vineyards–2225 Craig’s Side Rd, Carp, ON K0A 1L0

Bianca Adam

June 16  · I’m so incredibly grateful I got to know you in this thing we call life. I’ll happily be your Fred Flinstone any day. 😉

“If it was my wife or sister I wouldn’t recommend they do anymore treatment. In fact, your quality of life may be longer and better”.
It’s been the better part of 6 years and being given permission to be still now, to be grateful and applauded for what I’ve been able to accomplish feels good. My mantra has always been to fight for those living with MBC when they couldn’t anymore – now the time has come when I hope someone will do that for me.
This time I’m left with now is this insurmountable decision – one that you think you’ve made when you’re well (“I would never jeapordize any of my QOL!), to letting that fear creep in (“well maybe I can handle one more treatment”).
I know I want to enjoy the time I do have – which looks a lot like printing photos for new vinyl photo albums, getting my health records documented on my blog, seeing my friends and family, putting some early work into this years Turning the Page on Cancer, snuggling dogs and (hopefully) being able to see the gorgeous end of the renovation.
I still desperately want everyone around me to be normal. I know that this can make others feel uncomfortable and not know what to say or how to react, just know I appreciate your trying.
As for a timeline, I know after 6+ years no one can tell me definitively how to navigate this. My oncologists have told me to expect sooner then later but they aren’t sure.
That’s the cancer update I never wanted to post. Now it’s done and I feel an immense weight lifted off me. I posted more in my blog which is at the link in my profile.
#metastaticbreastcancer #talkingtomycancer #stage4breastcancer
Greg ThaggardYou humble and strengthen me Sam
Joanne BrunetSamantha from the day I met you… I saw someone who did everything what’s right and did it with Grace!!! ❤️❤️
Emma Elizabeth Good-JobI love you Sam for all your courage, strength, honesty, grace and pure heart of gold. You are an inspiration of hope to literally everyone! Including me… big hug and I miss so dearly seeing you and your mom. Bless you for being you. 💕
Samantha DreilingLove you Sam, you are a light to so many. Thank you for always sharing your story and being so open and vulnerable. You are a true gift. I can’t begin to imagine what you’ve been through, but you’ve blessed the world by being you 💕 I hope you get to do as much as you can and feel happiness and peace in your heart 💓💓💓 sending love always, Sammi xo
Jeff NeedhamYour bravery is everlasting inspiration. I see it in your family into our community you are a tour de force Samantha. I love ❤️ these posts you bring brilliant perspective where no one I have ever witnessed has. You are a tremendous Champion of our cause. Inspirational life of a trophy 🏆 wife…anyone who gets a glimpse gets fuel for their 💔s…I want to play all the music 🎶 you love ❤️ all at once every time I read one of your posts.
Glenn JungSamantha Mitchell Sam, you are a inspiration to many and should be to all. With how you have shown us true courage, dignity, resilience and compassion through this. You are loved by so many and cherished by even more. Thankyou for continuing to share this journey with all of us. We are sending you big hugs!!

Collecting donations for the free library with all extra monies to be donated to Sammy’s favourite cancer charity : ReThink Breast Cancer

E transfer donations directly to (jeff@thestashandco.com). These funds will go directly to the construction of the little free library, bronze plaque, and surrounding garden. Any extra funds will be donated to ReThink Breast Cancer, the charity that Samantha worked with. Thank you so much! Jeff Mitchell

“Today will never come again. Be a blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound.”

Read more about Sam here —Samantha Mitchell –Warrior

This is not goodbye Samantha Mitchell– we will keep the memories alive

Samantha Mitchell –Warrior

Samantha Mitchell –Warrior
Samantha Mitchell
October 13, 2020  · 

The number of women expected to get breast cancer in her lifetime: 1 in 8

The number of women expected to be diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) in her lifetime:Unknown

There is no data and statistics recorded for those of us living with stage IV. When we progress from early to late stage it isn’t recorded. We want more research, but we don’t even have the basis to found it on.

I’m fighting tirelessly to create stage 4 awareness. We need you to be an MBC ally – it shows you understand, will advocate and support #MBC.

Last night I shared Jeff Mitchell’s Facebook post about his wife Samantha’s passing. I had put up a post of my own, but later took it down— it is not what Samantha would have wanted. Not being able to sleep I was up until 3 am reading what she had written in her blog and on her Facebook page. Sammy would not have wanted us to call her an angel like I did last night– even though she was. She would have wanted me to keep spreading the word about breast cancer, I know that. I know she would not want us to cry, but insist we all carry on and continue her cause. But, my eyes are still red and puffy missing someone I didn’t know that well, but yes, I knew her heart well.

The first time I met her was in a line at the IDA Post Office. She came up to me and said, “Hi Linda!” I laughed and asked her how she knew me. She said, “People have told me, you will know her when you see her!” I guess she was right, but I was so impressed with our initial meeting that it reminded me to tell her a story I wrote about a pink frypan I had bought years ago to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Anytime that I glanced at it I thought of all those that have been ravaged by this horrible disease. No matter how hard I tried, I could not bring myself to use the pan. I did not want to scorch the sides, mimicking cancer invading the body–nor did I want to get the pan dirty. But then I asked myself if cancer was clean. If the pink colour faded from washing, would the hope of a cure fade too?

I looked at it day after day, and thought that if I didn’t use it, I was giving up hope for the pan, and for the people that suffer from breast cancer. Finally I took it down and laid it on the stove. I watched the butter melt with tears in my eyes. I cooked slowly with it, and thought about how silly I had been. I use it everyday now in celebration for those I do not know, and for those I do. Sammy smiled when I told her the story and I told her I would keep sharing her story, which I did, and will continue. After all, if you don’t have faith, then what do you have? Absolutely nothing. No cures, no hope, and and in my case–an unused pink frying pan.

Samantha Mitchell is in Carleton Place, Ontario.

For seven years Samantha Mitchell had metastatic breast cancer and it never stopped her once. Even though she went through hundreds of rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, multiple craniotomies and dozens of hospital stays she carried on her advocacy for the breast cancer community. She wasn’t afraid of anything anymore and cancer didn’t bring her to her knees; it brought her to her feet. Whether you’re a mother or father, or a husband or a son, or a niece or nephew or uncle, breast cancer doesn’t discriminate and today Jeff and Joyce Mitchell’s family mourn the loss of a daughter-in-law and Sammy’s husband Jeff mourns the loss of his wife.

Sammy, you were braver than you believed, stronger than you seemed, smarter than you thought, and twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagined. I knew that the first time I met you. I know you would want the world to see what breast cancer does so I am putting up all kinds of pictures. If Sammy was here she would say,

”Never give up–life is worth living”, and as Sammy and I both know–scars are actually tattoos with better stories.

Linda Seccaspina, July 5, 2021

The family asks in lieu of flowers donations can be made to Rethink Breast Cancer , which was an MBC charity close to Samanthas heart.

Samantha Mitchell is in Carleton Place, Ontario.
June 9 at 4:05 PM  · 

Cancer has allowed me to appreciate how much love and support I have around me. It has given me a sense of worth and accomplishment with the success of @turningthepageoncancer. This year, it has also allowed me to have some stability so I am able to enjoy “me” time. I’m thankful for all of this. I still don’t ever want you to tell me “everything happens for a reason” though 😬

Samantha Mitchell

February 4


Samantha Mitchell
October 25, 2020  · 

Why I Fundraise For MBC click

The Story of “Old Mitchell,” Who Lived Outside of Almonte

The Story of “Old Mitchell,” Who Lived Outside of Almonte




In the 1860s there lived outside of Almonte within a short distance, a man who was known by the name of “Old Mitchell,” and who was a real hermit. “Old Mitchell,” as he was called, was a bachelor who lived a lonely life on his own farm.

Although this man lived within a mile or two of Almonte he had not been known to enter Almonte for over 30 years, and had seldom even been off his own farm. His food had, during those 30 years, been brought to him either from the village and from neighbours. Mr. Mitchell had a fine brand of sand on his farm, and his “pit” was much resorted to by Almonte builders, and by farmers who required it.

The hermit grew hay and oats, kept cows and hens, and was pretty well self-contained. People didn’t bother the hermit much except when they went on business, as he kept three rather savage dogs. The hermit, while living a hermit’s life managed to keep pretty well abreast of the news and so it came about that in the spring of 1860 that he learned the Prince of Wales was going to visit Almonte. On the day of the Prince’s arrival much to the surprise of his neighbours the hermit left his farm and walked towards Almonte.

But, he did not go all the way. He stopped at the top or the “Bay Hill” just outside of Almonte, from which point he could get a good view of the road where the Prince was to pass.

One day the hermit died and he was found dead in his shack. A search was made after he had not been seen for some time, and the actions of his dogs and stock had made it apparent that something had happened on the place. There was a general impression among the Almonte people and his neighbours that the old man had a lot of money saved up, and after his death a lot of digging was done all over the farm, but without result.

“Old Mitchell” had no relatives anywhere near Almonte. Mr. Young does not remember what became of his property and says that those who had occasion to visit the old man noticed that the appearance of his shack used to tell that the hermit regularly swept his one room home, but that he used to sweep the dirt into corners and behind cupboards, etc. Every now and then he would have a general cleaning  because as a hermit he knew that he was connected to everything in his life– except maybe housecleaning.


Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and theSherbrooke Record and and Screamin’ Mamas (USACome and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place. Tales of Almonte and Arnprior Then and Now.

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