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Before and After with Bill Bagg and the Mississippi Gorge




Somewhere along the river… Bill is sitting on his lawnchair and watching the river today. Bill Bagg died last night April 25,2017 at 11:42 pm. May he rest in peace. Please take the time to watch the videos at the end. Much love to his family and to his friends. Gary Strike you were the best friend anyone would want.


Where these ladies sat and gazed across the gorge they saw.. Photo-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


What once was and still is-


Mississippi Gorge Antiques…Photo from Heritage Carleton Place


Photo by Harold Stiver


This was what it once looked like.. Bill takes it a bit easier these days– but is still the master of his domain..Photo from Public Archives-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum



Original 1970s Stittsville Flea Market owner Bill Bagg from Mississippi Gorge Antiques in Carleton Place ON. and Eli Hoffman-Photo-Gore Street Flea Market


Bill Bagg from Mississippi Gorge Antiques in Carleton Place ON. and Shelley-Photo-Gore Street Flea Market



Realizing How High the Mississippi River once Roared

Take Me Where the Mississippi River Once Flowed– The Hidden Mill River

Channeling John Gillies

The River Dance of the McArthur Mill in Carleton Place



 This is just one of the amazing photos that were recently donated to the Museum from the collection of the late Irma Willoughby.
The Gillies bridge as we’ve never before seen it! Wonderful!