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Dr. Avison of Almonte


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Almonte High School 1919==Photo North Lanark Regional Museum
NLRM 2012.55.119
Donated by Sheila Babb and Ann E. Love

Almonte and District High School was opened in about 1876 in Almonte, Ontario. A.D.H.S. has produced many famous alumni including: Dr. James Naismith, R. Tait McKenzie, Sire Edward Peacock, Dr. Oliver Avison, and Dr. James Mackintosh Bell. Back of photo reads: A.H.S. 1919. Cameron, McF, Kirkland, Campbell, Ryan, Snedden, Williams, Allison, Wylie, Bowland, Taylor, (Robertson)


I love to read what our local museums are up to and found this on the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum Facebook page.


Last year the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum hosted a film crew doing a project on Dr. Oliver Avison of Almonte. Dr. Avison eventually went to Korea and opened a hospital. The film deals with his life and the impact the hospital has had in South Korea.

The documentary is in Korean, but there are Almonte scenes and  and, if you start at minute (time code) 34.56, you’ll see the museum!


Read all about Dr. Avison and his missionary work in Korea! Click here..