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Miss Carleton Place– Year? Names?



13754087_10154143929021886_4254201016215212997_n (1).jpg

I do believe that is Carleton Place Mayor Brian Costello on the right– this photo is Tracy Lamb who was Miss Carleton Place- The man on the left identified by Blaine Cornell is MPP Doug Wiseman

Are these two different women below? Trying to document names




The blonde in the middle picture with Tracy is Elizabeth Flint.:)-Kerron Lamb



Is this the same girl? NO it’s Janet Barker in the bottom photo…Alan and Melba Barkers daughter–thanks Carol Ann McRae

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Photos from the Carleton Place Canadian files-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum











Tracy Lamb


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Here She Comes — Miss Carleton Place 1975


Here She Comes — Miss Carleton Place 1975





Sandra Gill, a Carleton Place High School student, won the title of Miss Carleton  Place in 1975. Two Princesses were also chosen, and they were: Wanda Cameron and Wendy Whitney. Along with emcee Tom Marshall entertainment was provided by Donna Lowe and friends, who performed a dance routine. Ann McRae and Ivan White each provided vocal stylings, and a gym team consisting of: Patricia Sanderson , Michelle and Evon Silson put on a display.

Contestants  were judged on street wear and then evening dress. After a farewell address by Miss Carleton Place 1974, Heather McRae,  each of the remaining contestants were given a question on which the girls had to speak impromptu.

As the  flashbulbs popped, Sandra Gill, Miss Carleton Place, 1975, was crowned and presented with a winner’s trophy. Sandra who lived with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Gill of Prospect, said the competition had been a wonderful experience. She also expressed thanks to her sister Lorraine who was two years older.

Ironically, Sandra would not be representing Carleton Place in the Miss Eastern Ontario pageant that year as she was only 16, and the competing age was 17. The princesses were also 16, so finalist Cindy Williams represented Carleton Place.

Photos from the Carleton Place Canadian files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage  Museum