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Is This What You Want Carleton Place?




Photo of Jen’s dog amidst the devastation by Jen Carriere and photo of the fox is by Carole Flint

In one week the trees came down.

In one week more small animals came into town looking for food and shelter. Everyone has been talking for months about the increased sightings of foxes running through town. The picture above might be a reason why. Of course I am the first to admit I could be wrong.

The Bobolink birds nesting areas in the park have allegedly been bothered, and I also wrote about this yesterday.  I have furious citizens emailing me upset about the proposed waste water sewage pond in Roy Brown Park. I have heard lots of talk, but so far, I believe no deal has yet been made.

Have you read Mark Smith’s posting about the proposed pond on carletonplace.com? You are not going to be happy when you read it.  Listen people, I can’t do anything but you can. Come to the town council meeting tomorrow night- email, or call the powers to be. Voice your concerns. Take a look at the map for proposed housing. Do we need this much housing–517 proposed homes? Or does anyone really care– and do we just carry on?

New research encompassing some 50 studies worldwide shows that cutting down even just three to four trees per hectare of primary forest already results in species loss, changing ecosystem services (i.e. nutrient cycling), biological resources (i.e. potential sources of medicine), and social benefits (i.e. recreation through birdwatching and hiking) provided by forests.

I guess for the first time I just don’t know what to say. I am more than gobsmacked. Please let’s do what’s right or remember for next time.


Bill Slade-

At tonight’s Town Council meeting a member of the River Corridor/Urban Forest Committee will be or hopes to express concern that the Town is permitting the developer who bought Bodner Park, to relocate a storm water management pond (swamp) from their construction site to that of adjoining Roy Brown Park. If it goes ahead, the proposed storm water management pond will be built too close to our river and, if it overflows, go into the river which is upstream from our drinking water. Direction #127243 from the Planning and Protection Committee to be voted (and passed) at tonight’s council meeting. Public Park land sold out to a housing development.

Does this explain where the trees went?


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