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It Fell from the Sky and Landed in Carleton Place?



I  posted a picture of our local watertower and the ‘boys’ began to buzz on The Tales of Carleton Place today. What is it about men and watertowers? Hardy Boy stuff? Ted Hurdis challenged me to find a story about a meteorite that fell on Napoleon Street.

Keep searching Linda, and see if you can find anything around that same year about a meteorite that hit a house on Napoleon St. The Buffum house just up the street was hit by one it knocked the windows out of our house it hit so hard. My father Boyd was first on the scene it destroyed the house luckily no casualties though.

So I began to dig for information.  I was really supposed to be outside watering stuff, and maybe putting my laundry away. As the Indy 500 buzzed in the background I looked and looked, and looked some more. I finally found something and figured I was finally one up on Ted Hurdis!  I was elated, and posted it on The Tales of Carleton Place only to hear Ted say: “wrong one”.

Wrong one? AND then he tells me he was only 1 or 2 in 1956? Am I one step away from The Manor? Is everyone and his monkey’s uncle younger than me? Don’t answer that! So after two hours I gave up and will continue another day.

UPDATE—AND after 8 hours of searching I did find out what happened on Napoleon Street and it is not what everyone thinks.. More soon.:)

November 14,1964.

img (3)

I am looking for pictures of the old town watertower before it went to Stuart Hammonds farm. Preferably with the words “Quartermain Sucks” on it, and The Rubber Tree on High Street. In the meantime here is some “boy stuff’ from the new exhibit “They Left their Mark” at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. The year book on display is from Carleton Place High School  circa 1963.




Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo……………