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The Luck of the “Irish”– Coins Found by Adam Dowdall


If you have been following my blogs about Adam Dowdall you know he is a whiz with the metal detector. I, personally, am really excited about a future hunt on the old land that used to house the circuses in Franktown. He is still trying to locate the exact location, and went to Ralph Shaw’s old property but didn’t get many signals. but, the ground is still thawing.

Of course the cornerstone on my house is coming. Keep up with the adventures of Adam Dowdall right here on The Tales of Carleton Place.




Adam found these at old abandoned school house in Beckwith. The 1964 dime was the last year America made silver coins, but he was more excited to find the Queen Victoria penny.





Adam is getting out early this year and I hope to cover most of his finds. He wants everyone to know he gets permission from the landowners. He also has great hopes for the coming season as he is getting an early start and it has been great so far.


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