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 Dugald Campbell Memories of Ramsay Township and Almonte — Town Merchants etc.

 Dugald Campbell  Memories of Ramsay Township and Almonte — Town Merchants etc.

Dugald Campbell of Vancouver who learned his trade in the Gazette office and has been a representative of the Linotype Co. in Western Canada for many years: Vancouver, B.C.

When Dugald Campbell was born on May 9, 1886, in Lanark, Ontario, his father, Donald, was 48 and his mother, Christinia, was 41. he lived in Almonte in 1901. He married Sarah Garret Johnston on September 10, 1913, in Vancouver, British Columbia. They had four children during their marriage. He died on August 17, 1973, in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the age of 87, and was buried there.

Dec. 12th, 1956. Editor of Gazette: ( this was written in the early 1900s)

It is a long time since I left the home environments of Ramsay Township and of the little towns of the Ottawa Valley, and more particularly the town of Almonte. I recall, at this Christmas seeason, the inherent goodness of the people of my youth, of their quiet and simple lives and of the home attachments which was to them and to me, of such vital importance. Ramsay Township was the home, in my youth, of a great host of Scottish folk, many of them had emigrated from the land of the heather and settled there, and there were many, even then, almost fifty years ago, who were second and third generation Canadians.

These people, and the Canadian bom with them, had simple habits, homely tastes and a good philosophy of life. Most of these people had strong church attachments and their Sabbatarian habits, were of such a nature that much of the adolescent wildness was kept in check. Among these grand folk, many of them now resting in peace in the Auld Kirk Cemetery, were the salt of the earth. It is true of the farming folk who contributed so much to the life of the township, equally as with the townfolk who centred their busy hours with the textile industry.

We ought to remember them, in these hectic days, as a race of good folk, who sought to follow the precepts and commandments of the Book, and whose lives were circumspect to a more than usual degree. I recall such folk as the great family of Youngs, many of them living in town and country. Sturdy, genial and kind, their contribution to the community was great.

I recall the town merchants, A. J. McAdam, James Robertson, D. H. Davis, Ben Williams, O. E. Henderson, E. W. Smith, John Donaldson, Alex Allan, James Forgie, John O’Reilly and his son, Eugene O’Reilly, Dan Shaw, Tom White, Manassah Patterson, James McLeod, H.H. Cole, Ed. Scott, Hube McFarlane, Wesley West and many others.

There were several medical doctors—D. P. Lynch, John F. Hanly, A. A. Metcalfe . The lawyers—A. M. Greig, Harry Jamieson, W. H. Stafford. There were the barbers—Geo. Gilbert, Billy Boyle, Paddy Malone, Pete Malone, Jim m y Hogan, all of them social celebrities of no mean degree. On Bridge street were G. W. Willoughby, Geo. Illingworth, Jim Robb, P. C. Dowdall, Mick McCabe, and a few others. The Christmas season gave us great times, what with public and high school entertainment.

Dugald Campbell

BIRTH9 May 1886Almonte, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
DEATH17 Aug 1973 (aged 87)Vancouver, Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia, Canada
BURIALPacific Heritage CemeteryBurnaby, Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia, Canada
PLOT102-01-A, interred 6 Sep 1973

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Dancing With Wolves in Perth


Photo– see below-1887-Photo from Perth Remembered


The Perth Courier January 1, 1891

The Perth Courier says : The padded-cut skin of the wolf poisoned by Mr. Thomas Tully, Burgess, has been on view for the past week in the window of Mr. Geo. Devlin, merchant, and has been the centre of attention of many hundred people since. It has now been heard that the wolf had a mate, as the tracks of both were plainly seen in the snow in the Tully neighbourhood.

These animals had created an immense amount of havoc throughout North Burgess and North Crosby daring their raid some weeks ago, killing as many as a few hundred sheep in the course of their destructive career. It is supposed that the pair came from the back country Sharbot Lake, as no wolves have been in this district for years.



Photo from Perth Remembered—they saved this Auction Poster from the garbage pile at Shaw’s when they were renovating the store after the “Shaw Girls” sold the store in the early 80’s. This poster would have been printed by the Perth Expositor that was on the second floor of Shaw’s at the time. This poster is dated Drummond 1887. George Devlin was the auctioneer. Perth Courier, December 29, 1871. From–LANARK COUNTY COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY — 1881/2

DEVLIN, C. & M.; Tanners & curriers............................Basin, PERTH
DEVLIN, Charles; (C. & M. Devlin).....................................PERTH
DEVLIN, George; Dry g'ds & Groc.; Auctioneer, Land ag't. List of Parties
          Wishing to Buy, or Having Farms to Sell.Gore, Cor Herriott, PERTH
DEVLIN, Michael; (C. & M. Devlin).....................................PERTH

McLaren-Devlin—Married, at Perth, on Friday, 22nd Dec., at the residence of the bride’s brother, Wm. Devlin, by the Rev. W. Burns, W. McLaren, Esq., merchant, Osceola, County Renfrew to Miss Catherine Devlinof Drummond.

March 18, 1870 – On the 6th Concession of Drummond. John Devlin, son of John Devlin and brother of George Devlin, merchant, of Perth, met with an accident which caused his death. The unfortunate man was in the stable preparing to harness his horse. Holding a pitch fork in his hand, the handle of the tool happened to come in contact with the horse. The animal became frightened and with both legs kicked Mr. Devlin driving him back a few feet and before he could get out of the way, the infuriated horse again let fly with both legs striking him square in the stomach, the force of which lifted him off the ground landing him more than ten feet into the yard. As may be imagined, fearful injuries were inflicted on the unfortunate man, from which he never rallied. He lingered in great pain until the following evening

Perth Courier, Jan. 9, 1891


Devlin—Died, at Perth on Tuesday, 6th Jan., William F. Devlin aged 60 (?)



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