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Here’s to You Mrs. Robinson– A Snapshot Back in Time



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Photo-  December 1954- Carleton Place Lawn Bowling Club–*Cast of Characters involved in the “espionage” of this photo–Ken Godfrey; Blaine Cornell (Ringleader I presume) ; Tim Findlay–and Ed Giffin was the silent partner

This is a snapshot of the lawn bowling club beside Memorial Park that was sent to me by a band of *merry gentlemen. It was taken when the town of Carleton Place held barely 4700, and according to some: the town was “holding”–whatever “holding” may mean. Like any other photo from an era “when the wheel was first introduced”– some names are forgotten, but the valley accents still remain in the minds of those who knew them.


According to a man named Tim Findlay– he recognizes Mrs. Robertson standing in the back row, far left of that photo, who was a first grade teacher at Victoria School. She was the teacher that held great literature in her hands for these young minds. Stories called: Uncle Wiggly and the Turnip Patch, and Hans Brinker and the Golden Skates were in the elementary school curriculum in the fall of 1945. It was that very same Mrs. Robertson, whose task was “to corral the focus” of some 42 five and six-year-olds while the leaves drifted down from the trees that Fall.



These students attended Caldwell Street School, which opened in 1952. The teacher is Mrs. Ollie Robertson-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

I stand to be corrected–but I found another picture of of the illustrious Mrs. Robertson from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. But alas, I see no books of Uncle Wiggly, nor Hans Brinker in sight. I sense that Dick and Jane might have have come into the picture. I smile, as I realize I was barely 1 in 1952 when Caldwell Street School opened– ahh, to regain youth, or infancy!


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Published during the early 1950s, this CARLETON PLACE Ontario postcard features local competitors in a lawn bowling match at Memorial Park adjacent to Franklin Street.
The ‘Memorial Park Lawn Bowling Club’ no longer exists, but the sport continues to be played under other auspices in town and other nearby communities



Apparently a man of  “high stature” called Mort Rogers, to those that still remember him, stands in the back of that every same photo taken at the club beside Memorial Park Church. I can’t find any mention of Mort anywhere– so obviously he was a very private man–or no one has thought to put his name on the internet yet. Come on Rogers family–get on it! This morning Llew Lloyd suggested Mort Rogers may have been the manager of Carleton Place Hydro– so yes he did ‘have some power’.:)

Middle row, and third from the left might be someone from the Patterson household Tim said, and the woman next to her is from the Gardner family.  But, don’t quote anyone on that. In fact, in that picture stands Eady Umphrey, or known to everyone as “Carole’s mum”. It is possible she could be the lady next to the right of the Gardner lady.


The author here knows for a fact that *Eady, who was a McFadden, did indeed marry Harry David Umphrey, a salesman, January 1 1927 in Carleton Place. So, even if she isn’t in the picture she did live in Carleton Place and did indeed become “Carole’s mum”.  The family also owned McFadden Furs on William Street. Then two to the right of her is Mrs. Craig, of James Craig fame. Okay, now as a researcher, I have to look up *James Craig.

*Sorry, we couldn’t find any results for this search from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum for James Craig.

Not even Howard Morton Brown has a mention anywhere. But, I think I did find some info below about him. Or, maybe that is not the same James Craig I found buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery of Smiths Falls in 1995. Actually, after trying to find this Craig fellow- I am glad that I have decided to be cremated– as I never want anyone looking me up on “Canadian Headstones”. When I’m gone–well, I’m gone baby.

According to this *group of gentlemen, who seem to enjoy some tomfoolery– apparently  in the middle row far left; sits Eleanor Roosevelt. “Talk about Roy Brown all you want, but it’s a little known fact that Mrs. Roosevelt spent much time our shady little town hanging out at the Memorial Park Lawn Bowling Club which was, thanks to William Stevenson, a front for heavy-duty WWII espionage activity”. –Tim Findlay

Alright, since I allegedly found Theodore Roosevelt’s name in the registration book of the Queen’s Hotel– I will buy “Eleanor Roosevelt”–maybe. So, that is all I found out after hours of research, and you chaps will have to call that a wrap. After all:  “the Ancestry.ca website will undergo scheduled maintenance on Thursday, 13 October 2016, from approximately 1:00 a.m. (EDT) to 7:00 a.m. Thursday, 13 October 2016 (EDT). During that time, some portions of the site may be unavailable. Thank you for your patience”.


And– to make matters worse, all through the typing and researching for this essay I have hummed the song below to myself nonstop, and Mrs. Ollie Robertson will not leave my head.

And here’s to you, Mrs. Ollie Robinson

Jesus loves you more than you will know

Wo wo wo

God bless you, please, Mrs. Robinson

Heaven holds a place for those who pray

Hey hey hey, hey hey hey

We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files




*Cast of Characters involved in the “espionage” of this photo–Ken Godfrey; Blaine Cornell (Ringleader I presume) ; Tim Findlay–and Ed Giffin was the silent partner


Llew Lloyd—The Humphreys ran a furrier business on William Street .
Mort Rogers may have been the manager of Carleton Place Hydro

Rick Roberts—Mrs Robertson [Ollie} was my grade one teacher at Central School in 1959 (where post office on Bridge Street is now) . As an only child, I wasn’t exposed to all of the usual childhood diseases until I began grade one. The result was that I spent too much of that year at home with mumps, measles, chicken pox, etc. Mrs Robertson brought lessons to my house in the evenings so I wouldn’t fall behind the other students. She showed incredible dedication to her craft, and her efforts are so appreciated to this day.


*014323-27 Harry David UMPHREY, 29, salesman, Carleton Place, Carleton Place s/o Harry UMPHREY (b. Canada) & Mary Jane NIBLETT married Eady Elizabeth McFADDEN, 26, living at home, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o Hiram McFADDEN (b. Canada) & Annie CLARKE wtn: James Howard DACK & Ellen PATTERSON both of Carleton Place, 1 January 1927 at Carleton Place


*James Craig Born August 1875 Carleton Place, Lanark County, Ontario ,????
 Canada to William Craig and Jennie Coffin. James died 30 Nov 1956
Burnaby, British Columbain, Canada.  James Craig Married Blance Meeham in Iron Iron River, Mi.


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