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Which McNeely Farmhouse is this? Quarry Road


Hi Linda!

I am wondering if you might be able to help me gather some history on the farm house we moved into a few years back. It’s known as the mcneely farm on quarry road and lots of folks seem to have a story to share about visiting or growing up here. It was built in 1892. I am wondering if you might consider posting a picture of it on the Tales of Carleton Place page to see if anyone has memories, photos or stories about it? We found a note inside out fire place from Mr Lemaistre when he built that. I’m hoping I can get a few more gems from our community. Anyways I would love to know more about this house and land. I’m sure at nearly 130 years old it has some stories to tell!

(Also – there seems to be more than one McNeely farm or perhaps fold are misremembering the name of ours – when I had searched the group and an old map I had seen two other locations. Hoping I can get some clarity on the name, too!)

Ariel Tubbins

Number 1

Muriel Simpson, Howard McNeely old farmhouse 4 corners McNeely where Independent now stands

Muriel did not live to see the day of box stores and having the new road and bridge named after the McNeely’s, and I often wonder today how often she would be complaining about the new structures. She would probably throw in a “Hmmph” and “For Land’s Sake” in the conversation every 60 seconds. Of course there is no doubt she would throw her hands up in the air and repeat what she would tell the neighbours when we were building the addition on my home.

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Number two on Highway7


Jennifer Fenwick Irwin
May 25, 2013  · 

Number 3 on Franktown Road

So Who Lived at 410 Franktown Road?

The Secret of the Widow’s House

Marg McNeely–Hi Linda…..I wish my father-in-law was alive…he could tell you all about the McNeely house on Franktown Road…..he was Lorne McNeely and he knew the two McNeely sisters who lived there. My hubby does remember the sisters living there and that they drove a 1939 or 1940 Buick.


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“30 dollar bid it now, 35, will you gimmie 35 to make it 35”?–Howard McNeely

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More on Jane McCallum/Jane Moore McNeely — The First Lady Of Soap

More on Jane McCallum/Jane Moore McNeely — The First Lady Of Soap

Mrs. Peter McCallum, one of hose remarkable women who had has lived the century, died at her family residence, Country Street, Almonte on Wednesday, March 30th. She was in her 103rd year and had been confined to her bed for only a few d a y s . Mrs. McCallum was the former Jane Moore McNeely and was one of a family of seven born to Mr. Thomas McNeely and his wife, the former Helen Duncan. She was born on September 4th, 1857, in the village of. Metcalfe and when three months old moved, with her family, to Appleton, where she lived until her marriage to the late Peter McCallum of Carleton Place in 1882.

In the same year she and her husband moved to Almonte where she had resided ever since. Her father, who was a blacksmith lived to the age of 79 years and her grandmother reached the age of 92. Her mother died at the age of 36. In her younger days, Mrs. McCallum was active in public, social and church affairs. She was a member of St. John’s Presbyterian Church and an Honorary President of the Alexandra Club and a member of the Bowling Club, the Women’s Institute and the Women’s Missionary Society.

She followed with keen interest the various public activities of her husband who died in 1936. In his time he held many posts, such as Mayor, Reeve, Warden of Lanark County, Public Utilities Commissioner and of course, councillor. He died in office as Mayor. Mrs. McCallum and her late husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1932. Before Mr. McCallum’s death they made a trip to the British Isles and the continent.

On Sept. 4th, 1957, Mrs. McCallum celebrated the centenary of her birth. There was an “At Home” held for her by Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McCallum at the family residence, Country Street. A great many friends, some of whom are no longer living, called on that occasion to offer their felicitations. Mrs. McCallum was a great reader and her memory up to a few years ago being very good she could recall many incidents of local, national and international interest, some of which happened long ago.

She is survived by her son, Mr. John D. McCallum and his wife with whom she resided. There are also nephews and cousins in Carleton Place and a niece in Los Angeles. The funeral was held Friday afternoon from the family residence to the United Cemetery, Carleton Place, where the remains wero placed in the family mausoleum. Services were conducted by Rev. J. M. Ritchie, pastor of the Almonte Presbjrterian Church. Pallbearers were: Messrs. N. S. Lee, John Lindsay and Robert Smithson of Almonte; Mr. G. R. McLennan of Perth and Messrs. Walter and Charles Armour of Carleton Place.

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April 7 1960 Almonte Gazette

Jane Mc Callumin the 1921 Census of Canada


Name:Jane Mc Callum
Racial or Tribal Origin:Canadian
Marital Status:Married
Birth Year:abt 1860
Birth Place:Ontario
Residence Date:1 Jun 1921
House Number:27
Residence Street or Township:Country St
Residence City, Town or Village:Town of Almonte
Residence District:Lanark
Residence Province or Territory:Ontario
Residence Country:Canada
Relation to Head of House:Wife
Spouse’s Name:Peter Mc Callum
Father Birth Place:Ontario
Mother Birth Place:Scotland
Can Speak English?:Yes
Can Speak French?:No
Can Read?:Yes
Can Write?:Yes
Enumeration District:97
Sub-District:Almonte (Town)
Sub-District Number:45
Enumerator:J. Paul
District Description:Ward 3, Polling Division No. 2 – Comprising the remainder or balance of the said Third Ward
Neighbours:View others on page
Line Number:34
Family Number:27

Miss Iva Hossie of Bathurst Awarded the McCallum Cup in Public Speaking-Gave Comprehensive Address on County

When the Lanark County Educational Association met in the Church Street School, Almonte, for its ninth annual convention Saturday, the largest attendance in the history of the organization was on hand to take part in the proceedings. Over 200 contestants entered into the various tests including examinations in writing, reading and arithmetic which were run off in the morning. The afternoon was mainly devoted to the oratory contest and Miss Iva Hossie of Bathurst was adjudged the winner of the silver cup donated to the champion public speaker of the county by Mayor Peter McCallum, president of the Association. There were many entered in the oratory contest and the speeches were exceptionally good. MAY 1931

Almonte Gazette, Friday June 30, 1882

At Appleton, on the 7th inst. by the Rev A. A. Scott, M.A., Mr. Peter McCallum, of Almonte, to Miss Jennie McNeely, of Carleton Place.


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A Trip Along the Ramsay Sixth Line –W.J. Burns

A Trip Along the Ramsay Sixth Line –W.J. Burns

photo Sarah More

Hi, Linda ~Don’t know if you might be interested in my Grandfather’s poem about the Sixth Line of Ramsay (now called Quarry Road)? In the 1950s, he had a farm there. Other farms on the Sixth Line belonged to McNeely, Rintoul, Thom, Sadler, Burns, Henry, Hilliards, and a new German Family ( see note from Eleanor Rintoul at the bottom) whose name escapes my Mother.  

He went by W.J. Burns. He was a 5th generation resident of Ramsay Township. Am attaching a picture of him. In 1990, my Uncle compiled a small booklet of poems written by W.J. & my Aunt.

Sarah More

Photo- Jayne Henry
Photo Jayne Henry

*Eleanor Rintoul sent this to me.:

Hello Linda,

I’m married to a Rintoul from the 6th line and I have seen that poem before but it was good to be reminded of it.

I knew the German family as I had the two oldest children in school and I know when the Galbraith (S.S.# 5) closed so I thought I would fill in the blanks.

The school closed in 1968 the year Naismith School opened. (I might be off by a year.)

The German family were Matthias and Erma (or Irma) Hauch. I taught the two oldest children Achmed and Rosemarie.

The family moved to a farm near Chesterville and had three more children Harold, Susan and Sandy. I don’t know where they were living when these children were born — whether on the 6th line or after they moved to Chesterville.

Rosemarie was very involved in track and field at North ( or South) Dundas High school and went on to win many awards and trophies.

Check her out on Google.

Eleanor Rintoul

I was Eleanor Clapp when I taught at Galbraith and married Frank Paul (son of Norman Paul, whom I think you knew)

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Small & McNeely Carleton Place and George Milton Argue — Story of Postcard

Small & McNeely Carleton Place and George Milton Argue — Story of Postcard
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
11 Nov 1899, Sat  •  Page 5
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
25 Oct 1899, Wed  •  Page 5

So who was George Argue that sent it??

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
22 Sep 1932, Thu  •  Page 8

When George Milton Argue was born on May 6, 1869, in Carleton Place, Ontario, his father, George, was 42 and his mother, Anne, was 42. He married Sarah Houston in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He then married Sadie Fawcett in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He died on September 21, 1932, in Fort Frances, Ontario, at the age of 63. George Milton Argue married the widow Sadie/Sarah Houston Fawcett in Thunder Bay, Ontario, on August 2, 1921, when he was 52 years old and she was 32. She passed away in 1954 and was not mentioned in his obituary.

George Milton Argue died on September 21, 1932, in Fort Frances, Ontario, when he was 63 years old.

Ottawa Citizen – September 22, 1932 – Argue

Suddenly at Fort Francis, Ontario on September 1932, George Milton Argue, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Argue of Ashton and brother of Mrs. J.R. Hill of Westboro.

Ottawa Citizen – September 22, 1932 – George M. Argue

A native of Ashton, Ontario, George Milton Argue passed away today at Fort Francis, Ontario following an illness of three days duration. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Argue of Ashton. Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. J.R. Hill, Westboro and Miss Elizabeth Argue, New Liskeard and two brothers, Wesley and Harvey, both of Westminster, B.C.

marriage certificate

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Interesting Tidbits — Frances Moore

Interesting Tidbits — Frances Moore

I came across this article while doing some more research on the McNeely family that I had done for Jennifer this year.– Frances Moore



This would have been originally Moore Land, I believe there was also a reference in onland.ca regarding this road allowance, but the property was sold to McNeelys at some point.  I’m guessing this is eventually where Wava Armstrong (my mother’s sister) had Wave’s Inn.  Wava’s daughter was Joan Hamilton.


“The corporation of the township of Beckwith in this action seeks to have part of lot 14 in the 11th concession of the township, owned by the defendant, declared part of the public road crossing the lot.  The road in question is a very old one leading from Franktown to Carleton Place and within the memory of those living at  the present time has been the width of about forty feet.

About ten years ago the council was asked, by the largest petitions from interested parties, to have the road opened to a uniform width of sixty-six feet, and from time to time expanded money in the purchase from owners of the land through which the road passes of sufficient land for the purpose.  In this way the road has been opened sixty-six feet wide from Franktown to the defendant’s lot, which is partly within the town of Carleton Place.

About the time the council came to deal with the authorities–had taken action in reference to the opening of the road, and from the copy of the plan it appeared to be sixty-six feet wide.  The council therefore effused to purchase from the defendant, and brought the action to recover possession of two strips of land enclosed by the defendant’s fences, which were needed to make the road sixty-six feet wide.  The defendant disputed the validity fo the proceedings of the quarter sessions, upon various grounds, and asserted that the road was simply a forced road and that the public were entitled simply to the the use of the travelled portion.

During the trial some interesting evidence was adduced.  A record of the roads laid out by the quarter sessions reaching back as far as 1823 was filed, as also a deed dated August 1824 from the surveyor of highways of a road allowance in the township Sheriff Thompson was called to prove the destruction of the court house by fire in 1840 and the loss of all official documents, in order to account for the non-production of some documents necessary to show the proper establishment of the road.  Judgement in the case was reserved.  Aylesworth, KC, EG Malloch and George Findlay, counsel for Plff, Watson KC and JA Allan, counsel and JSL McNeely, solicitor for defendant.



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Orena Villa of Beckwith — Boy do I feel Stupid– Duff Williamson and McNeely Genealogy

Orena Villa of Beckwith — Boy do I feel Stupid– Duff Williamson and McNeely Genealogy


For a couple of years now I have been clipping newspaper articles from different historical media. I have been seeing many social notes about vacations being spent at Orena Villa in the Carleton Place area. Last month I got rid of some and those “Orena Villa” were among them as I figured I would never find this place. This morning when I was writing a story about the early mills in Carleton Place I somehow found mention of it. It was under my nose the whole time, and had I asked Jennifer Fenwick Irwin who did an exhibit on Annie Duff at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum she would have told me. Boy, did I feel stupid.

Image result for genealogy cartoon stupid

Orena Villa built in the 1850s belonged to William Duff  b: 1784 in Muirend, Auchtergaven, Perth, Scotland d: 4 Jan 1864 in Orena Villa, Beckwith, Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada ) on the 11th Concession. The family emigrated in 1843 and within 10 years of settling down in Beckwith he was able to build this fine home which was of course called Orena Villa:)

 - . Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Duff, of Bedc-wlth,...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 17 Apr 1899, Mon,
  3. Page 5

    Clipped from

    1. The Ottawa Journal,
    2. 01 Mar 1910, Tue,
    3. Page 732207387_10155754957336886_7302154679121608704_n.jpgDenysa Duff at Orena VillaDuff of Orena Villa guest book click here.

      Cheryl McDufff—I am the grand daughter of Lyal Claude Rueben Duff born in Beckwith on Nov 12, 1900. He was a brother of Robert George Duff born May 16, 1895 and of Andrew Ebenezer Duff who went to serve in WW1 in 1916. Isabella Corissa Duff was his twin sister and was known as “Isa”. He legally changed his name on Sept 29, 1928 to Claude Roland McDuff and lived in Regina, Sask until his death on Jan 31, 1978. He had one son, Gerald William McDuff born on Aug 20, 1937 in Regina. Gerald William McDuff is my father as well as the father of 2 other younger daughters, Gina Marie and Leanne Gay.

 - 'Billy' Williamson Dies in Ottawa After Long...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 05 Apr 1944, Wed,
  3. Page 21
  4.  - v I W. H. DUFF. i. CARLETON PLACE, June 4....

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 04 Jun 1942, Thu,
  3. Page 2
  4.  - MBS. J. McNEELT ' DIES AT HER HOME Sperlsl to...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 06 May 1930, Tue,
  3. Page 7


Annie Duff

Born in Carleton Place in 1871, her early life was spent at “Oreno Villa”, the family homestead at Duff’s Bay on the 11th Concession of Beckwith. She studied painting and fashion design in New York City in the late1890‘s and spent time working there for Vogue Magazine.
Returning home to live with her sister Denysa, Annie spent her time painting and taking photographs. Her work depicts rural life in Ontario and includes scenic landscapes, scenes of hunting, camping, family life and wildlife. She was known for hiding in greenery with food in her hands to order to attract the birds! The National Gallery of Canada holds much of Annie’s original works and she is credited as the first Canadian female to portray maternity in “Woman by the Sea” –-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

William Duff from Beckwith on right with shoemaker Patrick Tucker of Carleton Place.

 - The similarity In name and location of...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 01 May 1899, Mon,
  3. Page 7

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)


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The Mystery of the Alfred McNeely’s — Were there Two?




Photo- Donna McFarlane– Rochester/ Lake Ave Alfred McNeely

Luc Bourassa emailed me yesterday wondering  if there were any relatives of Alfred McNeely still alive in Carleton Place that he could get in touch with. Luc lives in the house formerly occupied by Alfred McNeely in Baie-Comeau, Quebec.

Here is what he has:
Alfred McNeely retired around 1948, and then went back to Carleton Place where he had been born (unknown date). He worked in the pulp and paper industry in Quebec (Baie-Comeau, Shawinigan, Rimouski) and Ontario. He worked in Baie-Comeau circa 1937 to circa 1947.

He had 3 daughters :

Laurie Grace, born circa 1898, died circa 1963. She married Robert Clay GEMMILL in St-Clements (Manitoba) in 1921.

Lennie, born circa 1907 or 1917, died 1998 in Carleton Place’s Hospital. Never married.

Ida, died before 1998. Never married. Only had one arm.


Stephen Giles These two bears, named Bruno and Gunna, were eventually shipped to the New York Zoo by Colonel McCormick, owner of the paper mill in Baie Comeau Quebec. These bears were Lennie’s inspiration for a brand of stuffed animals named LennieMac toys.



Photo from-Vintage Carleton Place & Beckwith


 - U'- ii'Mrs. A. O. Fleming Wins Wash Machine...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  20 Nov 1950, Mon,  Page 4


Luc Bourassa–Here’s a pic of Grace, the oldest daughter of my Alfred. Older sister to Lennie and Ida. Married in 1921 in Manitoba. She didn’t have much contact with the family. She would have died in 1963.



It is my general understanding that Laurie Grace was born from a different mother than the other two, so Alfred would have been married first to Marcelle FLORENT (FLORANT), and then to Martha APPLETON (unknown dates). Maggie would be 3rd wedding..



Fun fact... In 1936, Alfred was the first tenant of the house that is now my home, in Baie-Comeau. The town was being built from scratch, streets had to be constructed and named… There is a small street behind my home. 4 houses and a church… In 36, they named it Carleton Place…

I do not believe in coincidence. Alfred had a say….

If you can help Luc on his genealogy quest for Alfred McNeely you can email him



If anyone knows anything that would be Donna Mcfarlane and I tagged her. She remembers going to their home on Rochester st.. when she was very very young. But yet there was another Alfred McNeely who died on Princess Street.



Stephen Giles said the home on Rochester/ Lake Ave East was built by Alfred McNeely who was an was uncle of Muriel Simpson–


Photo- Donna McFarlane– she is not sure if it was the same one– Her Alfred McNeely from Lake Ave/ Rochester Street


And while we’re at it… Alfred and a dog in front my home.. circa 1943… Luc Bourassa Photo



  INDEX           McNEELY           FAMILY– click here — Alfred (Alf) Brice McNeeley                      1869-1957      b Beckwith; d Carleton Place

Nancy Giffin Yes I remember Lenny who was listed as a daughter informing me quite firmly that her name was MacNeely NOT McNeely — Good point Nancy–makes sense! Yet there are no records of that spelling..:(




William McNeely —William went to Tupper Lake, m. a French Canadian. Alfred–returned to Carleton Place, d. Lennie Ida  Author’s Note– Notice  Laurie is not mentioned. –The McNeely Family Saga– Part 1 and 2  John Armour found Photo of William McNeely (Carleton Place/Tupper Lake, NY)

John Armour added: There were two -Alfred (son of William of Tupper Lake, New York. Alfred had daughters Lennie and Ida of Carleton Place.
The other Alfred was son of William Moore McNeely. This Alfred married Margaret “Maggie” Whyte. They had two children a daughter, Marguerite m. Harold Nelson and another unnamed son. (Info is documented in Elizabeth McNeely’s book on the McNeelys) –I guess they got tired of the name “William

 - ; com-j . Many Pay Tribute To Alfred McNeely...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  05 Nov 1949, Sat,  Page 33




This photo is from Luc Bourassa from Baie Comeau who is researching one of the Alfred McNeelys who once lived in his present home and then lived in Carleton Place.We are trying to pinpoint this photo and who was Joe McNeely. All it says on the back of the photo “Joe’s funeral” May 12 1941–Any help would be appreciated.


No automatic alt text available.

Luc Bourassa A mystery within a riddle. Here are three documents : Ida’s baptism record, Lennie’s death notice from 1998, and Alfred’s from 1949 (the one I’m investigating…) There are too many similarities for them to be different people.

But notice :

1) the ”a” in MacNeely for Lennie’s but no ”a” in earlier references;
2) the name of the girl’s mother (Martha Appleton) on Lennie’s, which isn’t what’s on Ida’s baptism record;
3) no mention of the third McNeely daughter, Grace, in Lennie’s while she is identified in Alfred’s.


No automatic alt text available.

Notice that Lennie’s name is spelled MacNeely–  Like Nancy Griffin said.. Only place I have seen that.


Luc Bourassa Linda Seccaspina, Stephen Giles, Donna McFarlane. I found Alfred and the family in the 1921 census. They are in Grand-Mère, Quebec, 5 minutes from the paper mill there. Alfred, his wife Mercedes (new name ?), daughters Ida and Lawrence (Lennie misunderstood). The ages and location match. Who is Mercedes ?

No automatic alt text available.

Luc Bourassa



And same place in 1901 with wife Marcelle Florence and daughter Laura (Laurie Grace).

No automatic alt text available.


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  04 Sep 1943, Sat,  Page 13

 - 5 Diamond An Marked at Beachburg BEACHBURG, May...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  02 May 1956, Wed,  Page 30

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)


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Ossie , Ossie, Ossie and Ossie

Ossie , Ossie, Ossie and Ossie

McNeely's Ossie (1).jpg

Photo from Llew Loyd The McNeely Brothers and Dot Smith

As Dorothy Smith was quoted as saying– “This is a picture of her and her for brothers . Ossie , Ossie, Ossie and Ossie”. The christening article mentions the original Oswald (which I cannot find)


One of my favourite photos this week from Myrtle I. McNeely
My husband’s brothers-David and Harold and sister, Dorothy. Missing was brother Bob and his wife Karen who are on a holiday.


“Dot” Dorothy McNeely Smith

The McNeely’s lived on the corner of Bains and George when I lived on the corner of Bains and Bell . We share some great childhood memories and still keep in touch.–Llew Lloyd

thumbnail (4).jpeg

Sarah Russo sent us these great photos for our Ossie file.. Will be posting them each day.. This is her favourite
Back Row – Osmond McNeely, Doris McNeely, Howard McNeely, Mary McNeely
Front Row – Melvin McNeely, Eileen Jackson

thumbnail (5).jpeg

Doris McNeely, Eileen Jackson, Mary McNeely

thumbnail (1).png

Howard McNeely, Eddie McNeely, Osmond McNeely, Melvin McNeely

thumbnail (7).jpeg

Back Row – Mary McNeely, Osmond McNeely, Ellen Jackson, Melvin McNeely, Doris McNeely

Middle – Eddie McNeely, Howard McNeely

Front – Elsie McNeely

Please send me your family photos so we can document them– sav_77@yahoo.com



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal08 May 1959, FriPage 31

 - ' -The- : ; Thompson McNeely 1 Mr. and Mrs....

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  16 Sep 1971, Thu,  Page 38

 - Truck Driver Kills Cattle on Highway Driving...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  14 Sep 1943, Tue,  Page 21

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and Screamin’ Mamas (USA)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.


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The McNeely Family Saga– Part 3


The McNeely Saga thanks to John Armour for sharing. It’s only through sharing that we share history.

Notes regarding on section of the Clan who emigrated to Canada were compiled by Elizabeth McNeely, the eldest living descendant of Brice McNeely, the son of Brice McNeely, who was born in Ireland in 1794 and came to Canada with his father in 1820.

It is not known when the spelling was changed from MacNeill to its present form but it would seem that there were several branches in Scotland and in Ireland and presumably all were descended from the House of Niall of the ancient Royal Line in Ireland. This is part 3


Arklan Farm Sept 1892 Photos-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

James, m. Margaret Edwards, lived on Arklan Farm, part of original grant. (Arklan) Brice, m. Margaret Elizabeth Lynch On Burgess farm, on Lake Avenue. John J., (Ashton) Arnold W. (Taxi Driver) Willard Mrs. Wm.Simpson Mrs. Ray Kennedy Mrs. Horace Coleman Mrs. Jack Yeaman (Faye) Mrs. Robert Service Brice,m. Frank, m. Jessie Boale Isabel,m. Wm.Pierce Arthur,d.,m. Margaret Erena James Kathleen,m. Barry Fraser Norman Helen,m. Eugene Bezak Mildred, m. J.A. Lynch Margaret J., m. Mr. Price Eliza Anne, m. Mr. Ramsbottom Daughter went to St. Hilda’s.m. Rev. Grant Sparling Also adopted son. Nathaniel D. Moore, Blacksmith in Carleton Place–Family now in Washington State, USA Seven Children



Photo from the John Armour photo collection

John Armour–This is a picture of Abner Nichols, (very early 1900’s) from my late Grandfather Walter Armour’s collection. Abner Nichols married Eliza McNeely (daughter of 2nd generation James McNeely). My Great Grandfather, Robert Armour married Jessie McNeely (daughter of 2nd generation McNeely, Thomas Moore)


Eliza, m. Abner Nichols

Wm. A. Nichols

Thomas E.



William A. Nichols – 1870/1933

Mayor of Carleton Place – 1902 – Planning & Sawmill Owner.


William Thomas Doris (Mrs. Paynter)

Pamela (Mrs. P. O’Reilly)

Velma (Mrs. Neil McGregor)



Thomas, m. Susan Donnelly

Charlotte, at Everett, USA

Nathaniel (Thanie)

James Catharine Albert–drowned when young

Brice–died young

Joan, m. Mr. Jergenson


Eva Jergenson, Everett High School

Gladys Jergenson, m.




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The McNeely Family Saga– Part 1 and 2

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The ‘DUDEronomy’ Scam In Carleton Place


In  May of 1905 there were some unscrupulous people wandering through the streets of Carleton Place. During a short period of time a  large amount of money was scammed from the hands of the innocent townsfolk. It didn’t take much for two scalawags posing as theological students from the Victoria College in Toronto to con the religious folk with their seemingly good deals on subscriptions to the Christian Herald.

If you paid just a single dollar, you would get not only a subscription, but a handsome leather bound bible as a bonus. To those who paid their hard earned money, it was to be a long wait. Not one Bible turned up on any of the doorsteps in Carleton Place. All they were left with were identical receipts saying,

“Received from Mrs. Rae, the sum of one dollar for one year. Signed A Munroe”

Police magistrate J.S. L McNeely reported the two gents high tailed it out of town after people caught on faster than you can say, “Save me Jesus”. The gentlemen were said to be about 5′ 7” tall, neatly dressed, wearing dark suits, and having light complexions.
Word up and down the street was they stole over $400 from the Town of Carleton Place.  No need to say this but, G.J Jones and his partner A. Munroe’s whereabouts are still unknown to this day. Now why didn’t early 20th century bible salesmen wind up in the history books?  Especially those who liked to pick a pocket or two?