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The McNaughton Farm– Memories Ray Paquette

The McNaughton Farm– Memories Ray Paquette


McNaughton Farm 7th Line of Beckwith (1).jpg

Photo Janice Tennant Campbell– McNaughton Farm in Beckwith-

McNaughtons Back row l to r Lawrence Murray Lloyd Edna Edith Front Row l to r Joyce Geneva Phyllis About 1939.jpg

Photo- Janice Tennant Campbell​ Campbell–7th Line of Beckwith near Tennyson. McNaughton family


Ray Paquette –One summer I was spending the evening at the Old Cheese Factory in Tennyson that the late Len Coleman had turned into a place for teenagers from the cottages and others to hang out and dance to a juke box. Len called me over (he knew me through my mother) and introduced me to Murray McNaughton who was looking for some help during thrashing that was about to begin. We came to an agreement and I went home with him to spend the night.

The next morning I began by stooking sheaves in the field that can be seen at the left of the house. It was a fascinating experience for me particularly when Mr. McNaughton showed me the remains of my mother’s family homestead which was cross the 7th Line road. The McNaughton farm was probably close to being the last farm that harvested their grain crops using a reaper and a thrashing machine. I have often looked back on those few days with fondness because of the traditional methods that were used which have long since been replaced by self-propelled combines..


Dale Costello Spent many a summer evening dancing the night away at the cheese factory. Favourite dancing partner was Ann Fentiman.

Steam engine with  Duncan on tractor, Lawrence standing beside it Edith and Lloyd sitting on the wheelBW.jpg

Janice Tenant Campbell Photo-

Hi Linda
Here is one of the photos I told you about.
Duncan McNaughton on the back. His son, Lawrence (my maternal grandfather) standing beside the wheel.
Lawrence’s 2 oldest children my Aunt Edith and Uncle Lloyd sitting.
This would have been taken about 1928 or so.
Jan Tennant Campbell


27072950_10155536124911886_7075580863218712502_n.jpgPhoto from the Canadian files- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Janice Tennant Campbell That is my Uncle LLoyd McNaughton! I think it was taken at Tennyson store and the lady was the owner. I have this clipping somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it.

The caption says : Owner Elaine Taylor chats with local resident Lloyd McNaughton outside her store, formerly a cheese factory.