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When Pigs Fly or Bacon Up is Hard to Do


In March of 1873 Mr. *McManagle, of the “Commercial Hotel” in Almonte had a beautiful porker, killed and dressed, and stowed away in his ice house to be drawn upon as occasion might require, for the supply of his table.

On Friday night last an unregenerate son of a %^&* “went for” Mr. Pig. Placing it upon his back, with a fore leg over each shoulder he proceeded homewards keeping excellent time to the tune of the *“Rogue’s March”.



Photo from Almonte.com

An enemy suddenly appeared in view in likes of several ladies returning from a social. The pig suddenly became too heavy a burden to be borne by the rogue and was dropped. Good time was made by the thief along Farm Street and on to Mill Street, where he was met and recognized by three young men. The pig was recovered and returned to its rightful owner where a hearty pork meal with all the trimmings was had by all that had helped in bringing piggie home.

With files from The Almonte Gazette



*The Rogues March used to be played to drum out dishonoured soldiers from the Army, during the playing they were stripped of rank, badges and buttons then normally flogged, which the Drum Major used to count the amount of lashes, and then they were marched out of the camp with dishonour.

McManagle, J , was also the proprietor of Pakenham house


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