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Will I Begin This Day as Mary Poppins and End Up as Cruella DeVille?




Let me start off by saying I love the Mississippi Mudds. I’m not just saying this to be nice (most of you folks know how bluntly honest I am)- this is the 100% truth. I can’t sing- I used to be able to dance, but torn knee cartilages have ruined my chance of ever becoming the next Anne Miller (Google that one kids)– so I appreciate hard work and talent. Especially from this great local volunteer run theatre troupe.

Saturday’s Matinee is the last day you can see the Mississippi Mudds uplifting performance of Mary Poppins –and you should really make a point of seeing it. In fact, you could say you get more than your money’s worth going to see this production–because I personally felt the performance “kinda” went on too long.

Do I think it could have been edited? Maybe– But, then again I am not a theatre producer- but, I do think the one too many stage changes added to the length of this production. Sometimes it made it difficult as an audience member to find a break from the constant barrage of set changes. But then again that is a personal opinion, and as Mary once said :”I never explain anything”.





“But a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”

However, the leads were nothing short of fantastic with Michelle Eno as our beloved Mary Poppins and Robert Horne as one great Bert. “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.”  The cast performance from the smallest to the tallest excelled, and I marvelled at the many character changes some of these actors do. Bravo!

Amazing show– with with so much brilliance to go around, a few cuts could have made it EVEN better. (mucho kudos to the backstage folks- you earned your keep LOL) 

“Always be yourself unless you can be Mary Poppins then be Mary Poppins”

“The whole world is at your feet and who gets to see it?” You do.. Last chance today to see Mary Poppins is tomorrow. Step in Time and go see it.

Last Show—Saturday, Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at Hallmark, 438 McNeely Ave, Carleton Place or by calling 613-253-3000.



Photo-The Mississippi Mudds – Public page


Mississippi Mudds Website

The Mudds are a very active amateur theatre group located in Carleton Place, Ontario. The Mudds have a mission to bring Music, Dance and Drama to the community in an engaging and inclusive way. Our goal is to foster an appreciation of performing arts for members and audiences alike.

Since 1973, the Mudds have been bringing musical revues, family musicals, broadway shows, murder mysteries and a wide variety of performances to the community. Performing in the beautiful and historic Carleton Place Town Hall, there could not be a better venue to enjoy live theatre.


Veteran Mississippi Mudds actors take on roles of Mary Poppins and Bert in upcoming production




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