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John Baserman vs Mary Ann McCoy –Odd Stories




1924 Rife ad


May 30 1924

John Baserman, of Almonte, was arrested by Chief of Police Read, of Carleton County, on Monday, charged with causing bodily harm to Mary Ann McCoy, the 22-year-old daughter of Mrs. Andrew McCoy, a widow, living on the fifth concession of Goulbourn, near the village of Richmond. Miss McCoy was shot through the wrist by a rifle in the hands of John Easerman on May 7.

The story is that Baserman in the course of his business was at the McCoy home, and it is understood that they wished him to purchase the rifle. It was handed to him. He was examining it not knowing it was loaded when it exploded and the bullet hit Miss McCoy.

Dr. Nixon, of Richmond, took Miss McCoy to Water street Hospital, Ottawa, and Chief Read, went to Richmond and placed Baserman under arrest. He later released him, however, convinced that the affair had been an accident. Still later Baserman was rearrested. The fact that such a charge has been laid against Mr. Baserman has
caused a good deal of surprise in Almonte.

Mary Ann married David Lemuel McLinton later that year on October 24, 1924–no doubt because her Mother feared for her life. No word what happened to John Baserman.



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