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Margaret Lisinski– Survivor of the Almonte Train Wreck

Margaret Lisinski– Survivor of the Almonte Train Wreck

Margaret Lisinski

We received the following letter and photos from the caregiver of a survivor of the horrific train wreck in Almonte in 1942–Margaret Lisinski:

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Margaret Lisinski was also thrown from the train; her legs were both shattered. Dr. Murray was able to save Margaret Lisinski’s legs, but not all of her spirit She has spent most of her life in physical and emotional pain the former, she notes, whenever it rains or the weather turns, and the latter just about any other time. After the accident, Christmas became a less-than-joyous reminder of the scars that cover her legs.

She used to say that all she wanted for Christmas were two new legs. She never married: “What man,” she asks, “would want to marry a woman with broken legs?” On the walls above her bed are a wooden crucifix and a framed picture of skaters on the Rideau Canal. Before Dec. 27, 1942, she says, she was an avid skater. Since then, she’s been unable to. “All I’ve ever wanted is to forget the accident,” she says. But it keeps raining.

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