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Miss Margaret Johnson Post Office Mistress Almonte

Miss Margaret Johnson Post Office Mistress Almonte

Several close friends and present and former associates of MissMargaret Johnson, paid tribute to Almonte’s former Postmistress on the occasion of  her retirement at an informal gathering at the Presbyterian Church Hall on Friday, August 2nd. 

The post vacated by Miss Johnson, a 28 year employee of the Post Office Department, 13 Postmistress, has been filled by Mr. Stuart Lancaster, former assistant Postmaster at Carleton Place, He took over his duties here on August 6th. 

Miss Johnson replaced the late Hal B. Kirkland on his retirement in 1961. Mr. Ian Malloch, Postmaster, from Arnprior, acting as spokesman for several other Postmasters present spoke briefly about MissJohnson’s loyal service to the public over the years and presented her with two sheets of mounted, mint stamps, one sheet commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Graham Bell 28 years ago and the other commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Invention of the telephone this year. 

The stamps are considered collectors’ Items. Miss Johnson was also presented with a Certificate of Merit from the Federal Government, signed by Prime Minister Trudeau. Following the official presentations a light lunch was served to the guests. On Saturday evening, members of the family and several friends of Miss Johnson met at her home for an informal gathering. Knowing Miss Johnson to be an avid amateur photographer, those attending presented her with enough film and flashbulbs to last for years she said. — Aug 15 1974–

Unexpected Almonte
April 15, 2020  · 

A lovely, old Queen St. porch in #Almonte with one of the most interesting and beautiful sets of front doors!
Hoping some of you know some details…
(Brent? Mike? Becky?)

Jeff MillsThis house belonged to Margaret Johnson, Almonte’s Post Mistress back in the sixties. She was a good friend of my grandmother’s

Karin Setterwe lived next door to Miss Johnson for many years. Margarets mother also lived there until her passing when she was in her late 80s, early 90s. They were wonderful neighbours. The inside of the house was beautiful. Full of antique furniture (including a crib). The floors were gleaming hard wood, mouldings and bannister on the stairs. There was also a summer kitchen at the back of the house.

Jayne Munro-OuimetMy great aunts house… often visited. She was born in the late 1800’s and was aged when I was born. They once owned a hotel in northern Ontario. There son was a Doctor. She loved serving “high tea” in the parlour. I always thought she was related to the Queen, as she dressed so beautiful. Loved hats. One of her daughters was the Post Mistress in Almonte.

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