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The Sugar Bush Fairy Poem

The Sugar Bush Fairy Poem

I am so proud to live in Lanark County.. We stand together, we support our farmers and our townfolk..

My heart beats proudly today for the history and love in our county.. Remember we are all in this together..

Outside the air is crispy, like the bacon, and now my journey on the road ahead brings rain,

Out of the corner of my eye I spot her.

She seemed to smell like waffles and maple syrup,

And looked like a maple leaf, red, rusty, spinning, floating through the now damp air.

Under her feather umbrella the sugar bush fairy was slowly licking the red top off the maple syrup bottle with maple syrup kisses.

No one tried to catch her, as one might only seize her with smoke magic in moonlit parks while shimmering indigo stars dance around her.

As if my life is captured in a raindrop caught with the wind I too drift away like the sugar bush fairy.

My tired eyes are now focused on the road. Inside we drank coffee and ate steaming waffles in front of me.

While outside the gray fog draped itself–even over our minds,

Painting things in a sweeping grey that glistens in the sunlight.

A lesson lived,

A lesson learned,

We can’t live on love alone– but maybe, just maybe, life can be lived on maple syrup and dreams of sugar bush fairies.

Linda Seccaspina