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The Malloch Barn and Other Things

The Malloch Barn and Other Things
Hi Linda. This is the barn at our Malloch family farm…The barn was built by Dan Malloch my great grandfather in 1909. This is the first major repair ever done on the barn since my great grandfather had the barn built. Check out the thick stone walls. Blake is repairing the corner of the barn his great great grandfather had built. I love history. –Glenda Mahoney
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Anybody who is familiar with the ways of the Lanark County farmer knows that they set a high value upon their cattle. In fact, it frequently happens that sometimes the cattle are better cared for than the members of the farmer’s family.
If anything goes wrong with the herd, or if the milk sours or the butter will not come, it is set down as a case of “hexeri” and the services of ‘one that knows” are called in. The latter prescribes a charm to be nailed above the stable door, and, in fact, treats the cattle that have been “hexed” just as he does his human patient. In driving through the country districts it is not an unusual sight to observe these charms above the entrance to the cow stable. –The Appeal- 1900

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