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Was Lipstick Banned and the $64,000 Question

Was Lipstick Banned and the $64,000 Question


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No, Lipstick wasn’t made illegal in 1770

“In 1770, British Parliament banned lipstick, saying it had the power to seduce men in to (sic) marriage, which was classified as witchcraft” – https://www.facebook.com/SteampunkSteampunk, ‘history fact of the day’ October 27, 2015

First off, any law or proposed laws in the UK parliament have to be published in the London Gazette – https://www.thegazette.co.uk – this can easily be searched to show no such law was ever proposed in parliament.

This myth seems to have originated from a filler piece in a Richmond, Virginia newspaper from 1861 – fillers, as the name implies, were short paragraphs to fill up space in a paper – they were written on the spot if there was a blank space in the layout of the page that needed to be filled, and they tended to be humorous articles that were not meant to be taken seriously:

False pretences.

–A law against obtaining husbands under false pretences, passed by the English Parliament in 1770, enacts–‘”That all women, of whatever age rank, profession or degree, who shall after this act, impose upon, seduce, and betray into matrimony any of his Majesty’s subjects, by virtue of scents, paints, cosmetic washes, artificial teeth, false hair, iron stays, bolstered hips, or high-heeled shoes, shall incur the penalty of the law now in force against witchcraft and like misdemeanors and the marriage, under such disbursement upon conviction of the offending parties, shall be null and void:”’


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