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A Letter from the Trenches from the Carleton Place Lads

A Letter from the Trenches from the Carleton Place Lads

 - The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Jun 1915, Fri  •  Page 7


The Gazette
Montreal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
11 May 1918, Sat  •  Page 13





Photo- Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

WW1 broke out and within two weeks, the town’s first dozen volunteers under Captain William H. Hooper left Carleton Place. Major W. H. Hooper, husband of Mabel Hooper –home after four years’ service in the first world war including two years as a prisoner in Germany, was welcomed in a reception held outdoors.  Indoor meetings had been banned by reason of deaths from a world influenza epidemic.

Major W.H. Hooper was appointed Post Master in 1920 and served as Post Master until his retirement in 1950. During Hooper’s time if office many changes occurred.He had control of the clerk for the position of Telegraph operator until the telegraph service moved to its own building. The school children popped in daily to get warm on cold days and enjoy the steam heat. The caretaker lived on the upper floor and could be counted on to appear as soon as the children entered the building and order them out. Major Hooper was also a gruff individual and his family on the corner of Lake Ave and Bridge Street. READ more here..CLICK





The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Mar 1916, Sat  •  Page 10



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Before the Canadian Tire Gas Bar There Was..


Some people have asked me what building was situated on on the present Canadian Ggas Bar location. I found this on the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum website- Please check out their website as well as their Facebook page.

Their home was called Raloo Cottage and the only picture we have is from 1954 and it was owned by Captain William Henry Vickers Hooper and his wife Mabel.


Featured Artifact – March 2014


(1994.17.12b)“Come to the Irish Tea”!

Mabel Hooper sent this Irish clover shaped invitation to her neighbour Bertha Schwerdtfeger, inviting her to a Ladies Aid tea. Mabel was married to decorated war hero Captain William Henry Vickers Hooper, and lived at the corner of Bridge Street and Lake Avenue.

Her husband had served in the Boer War and later moved to Carleton Place where he worked as a photographer. During WWI he led the first contingent of Carleton Place men overseas. In April 1915 Hooper was wounded and captured by the Germans and spent a year and a half as a prisoner of war in Mainz, Germany. Upon his return home he worked as Postmaster from 1919 – 1950 and served as Mayor of Carleton Place in 1923.– Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum


Captain William Hooper and his wife Mabel at “Raloo Cottage”. Mabel (1879 – 1952) was the daughter of Brice McNeely Jr. and Mary MacDowell. They were married in 1905.


Raloo Cottage on Bridge Street Carleton Place. This photo, from a Hooper family album, is captioned “The day the Governor General came for lunch”, but is not dated. This home was torn down in 1954 and replaced



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