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Am I the Only One? An Opinion from the Lone Wolf Who Cares

Am I the Only One?  An Opinion from the Lone Wolf Who Cares

I don’t like this anymore than anyone else does, but there is an election coming up October 22. The mayor, Louis Antonakos , has been found guilty again for the FIFTH time and it will be brought up at a special meeting again Tuesday evening. Vote for who you please but how many times does this man have to be found guilty for people to understand we need a new captain at the helm.. Do we want the history of Carleton Place to repeat another 4 years?


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Why am I the only “new guy”  running for council saying anything about this? Why are the other challengers not speaking up? Are they happy with what’s going on and just willing to let all this slide?  I have been consistent in my views, and stood up for everything I believe in– as I want the best for Carleton Place. Someone who has been found guilty and disrespects the staff is not who I want in charge. It’s common sense 101.

I’ve had people email me tonight wondering if the mayor should be disqualified for running this time because of this last conviction. Ontario has very firm rules about municipal stuff like that. I just found this in an old issue of a 2013 Now Magazine talking about Rob Ford. “How to get rid of a Mayor”

What can we do about him?

Well, there’s laughing and crying, but you knew that already.

No, I mean, like, to get rid of him?


Can council remove him?


Can the province remove him?

In theory, yes – the province can pass pretty much any law it wants with regard to municipalities. But it’s not gonna take the bait here. Needless intervention in politically charged municipal shitshows isn’t really this government’s thing

So you don’t lose your seat if you’re convicted of a crime, but you do lose your seat if you go to jail?

A member of council is disqualified from holding office if, at any time during the term of office of that member, he or she” would not be eligible to vote if a municipal election “was held at that time.” (The Municipal Act, which applies to all other Ontario municipalities, has the same clause.) The moment you cease to be an eligible voter, you’re disqualified from holding office and your seat is declared vacant.

Because people in jail can’t vote?

Exactly. Ontario’s Municipal Elections Act specifies that “a person who is serving a sentence of imprisonment in a penal or correctional institution” is barred from voting in municipal elections


Huh. Well, what if the mayor, say, gets arrested in a bar fight and is kept in a cell until morning?

Nope. It has to be imprisonment “pursuant to a conviction,” says Mascarin. “Not just jailed overnight because they’re holding you.” He offers the example of the G20. “If you had a council member out there and he was put in a holding tank with everybody – that wouldn’t qualify, in my view.” It has to be imprisonment as a sentence that flows from a conviction.

What now?

Linda says- We wait for the conclusion of the vote October 22, 2018

And until then?

We go back to laughing and crying.

Linda says: If you can’t fix stupid you Vote it Out!



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Hashtag #Sleepless in Carleton Place





It’s 6 am and I didn’t sleep much last night. When I got home from the town council meeting I had emails asking me for my take on last night’s events. On January 1st I wrote that I was no longer writing about local town politics, but this morning my heart hurts–it hurts for my town.

Later today Councillor Sean Redmond will provide me with a copy of what he said to the mayor last night and I will add it. Some of you know that Sean asked Mayor Louis Antonakos to step down for the well being of Carleton Place and the rest of the councillors agreed. I don’t know how more direct you can get than that– but our mayor refused and said he had done nothing wrong. Had he attended the interview with Commissioner Swayze, he would have seen what he was accused of. Instead, he chose to reply to all questions via email.

This morning I can safely say that writing about American politics for years was an easier job than this. I always thought there was no way to change Americans, but I  felt Canadians had some sort of respect and dignity.

After listening to many voices this week I tried to capture what they were saying– and it wasn’t only directed at Mayor Antonakos– it was directed at the council as a whole. This is what I said last night:

“To those who were chosen for Carleton Place mayor and council I want to remind each one of you sitting up there tonight that it is the community that built Carleton Place and pays taxes. When anyone decides to take public office they must hold themselves (and be held) to a higher moral standard as you are a representative of the people-us.

We can’t remove a mayor of any town or city unless they are convicted of a crime–but Carleton Place can’t take 2 more years of a town council being run like this. We need to get rid of absolutely anyone in power who is driven by their own self interests and egos. Then, and only then, will we finally have the town we all want. Until solutions are found– all the fruits of those trying to promote Carleton Place are for naught and overshadowed.

Mayors and council are judged by results and it’s just not enough for us to fix this one situation. May I remind everyone in this audience to remember tonight for the next election because if we re-elect anyone who does not place Carleton Place first then it sends a clear message that we really don’t want change in this town”.


I do believe in the power of forgiveness and that we all make mistakes, but I have a feeling there is more to this story. Maybe we will never hear the rest of it, but right now we are plagued with chaos and strained relationships at the town hall, and honestly, we don’t need our town tarnished anymore.  

This whole story is depressing and sad in many respects.  It will be only a matter of time before the pressure escalates for the mayor and he will eventually lack some powers to do his job effectively.

Clint Eastwood once said:

“When you win a civic election it’s a good news-bad news sort of thing. Okay, the good news is now you’re the mayor. The bad news is now YOU are the mayor”.

Mayor Antonakos please step down so the town of Carleton Place can crawl out of this urban quagmire. Sometimes it’s better to do the right thing than to do the wrong thing and think you have won.


Author’s Note: I am going to quote what I just posted to the people that keep saying to ‘let sleeping dogs lie” : “It boggles my mind how some folks want to sweep all the crumbs under the carpet and ignore what’s going on. It’s much like ignoring your missing cattle as long as you have a few good ones left in the padlock. In the end those will be gone too”.