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The Art of Letter Writing Lost

The Art of Letter Writing Lost


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Steph, Irene, Hannah and Heather


Letter writing is truly a lost art in this text-crazy world where attention spans last about 5 seconds long. Letters used to be one of the basic staples of communication and sending news, keeping war-separated lovers connected, or a way to make a friend half way around the world.  Letters recorded our thoughts, our history–and now they are gone.

When was the last time you put a stamp on something other than a bill? While everyone loves to receive a handwritten card, very few actually take the time to write one (like myself). Since the invention of email, texting, Facebook, and other technology, there really isn’t a need to write letters. I have saved letters and note cards that are important to me through the years– so why is typing something on a computer much easier for me now. Very few people keep emails for posterity if you think about it.

Years ago my daughter-in law’s Grandmother, Irene Lalonde, had cancer and she was given little hope. I emailed all my friends and asked them if they had time to send a card to Irene it might make her day a little better. Sending get well cards was something we did all the time, and frankly we never thought twice about it. Irene fought hard, but in the end she went to live with the angels and I forgot all about the cards we sent her until the other day.

A childhood friend of my late husband, Edward Chiesa, sent the note below to me last week and asked me if I remembered sending cards. Let’s face it, sending letters or cards is a good way to go anywhere without moving anything but your heart as they say. I can’t begin to fathom what we lost when we stopped physically handwriting something and yet, no one talks about it.

Here is the note Ed sent Irene, and I am glad that he saved it, because it brought back a lot of memories of Irene Lalonde and the love she shared with my family. She is greatly missed by all.




Irene did make it to Stephanie and Perry’s wedding and that was a blessing.

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The art of expression in cursive writing is no longer taught in schools, and will greeting cards go the same way as all the photo albums we have now gathering dust as our photos are kept inside our phones? The postman used to be anticipated on a daily basis, now all he or she brings is junk mail and bills. When I attempt to hand write now I always hope the once beautiful cursive writing I had will come back- but I find it tedious. But, handwriting  shouldn’t be lost–and actually, neither is the feeling we get when we put pen to paper.








Who remembers these blue thin almost like tissue paper air mail forms we wrote on? Aerogrammes

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