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Have You Seen My Gnome?

Have You Seen My Gnome?



Today for the first time in a few weeks I didn’t have to put a hat on when I got up. Anyone living in an older home knows how drafty it can become– but add the recent arctic temperatures and it has become a challenge to keep warm. I had a smile on my face today because of the slightly warmer air and knew it was going to be a good day. I should have just stopped right there, maybe put my hat back on, and crawled back into bed.

Furnace number 2 had finally shut off for the first time in weeks, and the heating vent in the greenhouse was actually working. It was going to be the best day ever until I saw Steve’s face. He kept running back and forth between the garage and the kitchen door and would not tell me what was up until I began to look frantic.

He looked at me seriously and said,

“It’s your gnome!”

“Which one?” I asked, as I have many sizes and shapes.

It’s the little guy who whistles “Whistle While You Work” when you walk into the garage,” he said.

“I can hear him outside, but I can’t find him!” Steve said as he kept looking for the gnome that either ran away, or was ejected from his gnome by force.

You have to understand that this 12 inch musical gnome is hated by many. From the day I bought him at a garage sale for $3 and he has been talked about, as most find him quite irritating. Visitors don’t appreciate his constant whistling song when movement is felt by him in the garage. Some have even dubbed him “my house alarm”. My neighbours know of my love of gnomes, and once you go gnome, you can just never go home.

My gnome was still home a few days ago and appeared to be enjoying his dormant winter time, as really, it was too cold in the garage for him to sing his happy song. Did he become bored? I knew I had to keep calm gnome matter what. Some folks don’t understand my specific kind of crazy, but most do admire my full commitment to it.

So, there were only a couple of suspects that could have freed the gnome, but one is in Jamaica ( Perry I am looking at you), and the other two thought I was really rollin’ with the gnomes and denied any participation in the crime. Hopefully come spring  I will find him. In all honesty I marvel how loud a 12 inch piece of plastic with a waning battery can be in the snow, and hope I don’t have a gnome attack if he survives this merciless Canadian Winter.

They say that weather is like a person’s mood, which changes frequently, while climate is like someone’s personality, which is more long-term– so, to my lost gnome– “Oh Gnome I didn’t”, but the truth is out there–somewhere. I think I will go put my hat back on.



Granddaughter Sophia


Update January 21 2017

26992325_10155510759616886_5617056993129916815_n (1).jpg

The singing gnome was heard this morning once again as a squirrel flew across the yard- he was last heard at the end of December – no idea who threw him in the snow bank, he is thawing in the sink–  He is hidden until safer times LOLOL


July 16 2019… he is back!!

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