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Lions Club Amateur Talent Show 1970s

Lions Club Amateur Talent Show 1970s

April 1970

April 1971

One of the harbingers of Spring in Almonte is the annual Lions Club Amateur Talent Show which was held last Friday evening at Naismith’ Public School before an audience of about five hundred.

It was an entertaining, well balanced show even though the Senior Variety class was cut in half when three entrants were unable to appear.

At first it was thought that the juniors and seniors could compete in two classes only hurt again, a predominance of step dancers on the program indicated a switch to the four group system — separate classes for Junior Stepdancing;

Junior Variety; Senior Stepdancing and Senior Variety,

A separate class, the choir competition, was judged separately with the Presbyterian. Church Junior Choir taking top honours

Stepdancing, Wendy Thompson, repeated with another win this year.

There was a tie for second place which went to Brenda Cowan and the duo of Allison Findlay and Connie Stanton.

The largest group was JuniorVariety which featured twelvecontestants from which three winners were selected. First prize went to Karen Beekink for a well played piano selection. Little Laurie Findlay took second prize for her version of the Ohariston and third place went to Nancy Sadler and Karen Wheatley for their vocal duet.

April 1972

The Senior Stepdancing class followed intermission and Donna and Debbie Lowe of Carleton Place repeated their first place win of last year with a very professional looking step dancing routine. They were accompanied by violinist Dawson Gird Wood and Glen Paul at the piano. 

Second place in this class was awarded to Debbie McWatty,

Singer and guitarist, Michael Seiguin of Kemptville took top honours in the shortened Senior Variety Section of the show. Second place went to the Sadler sisters. Carol Ann, Beverley, Cathy and Nancy and third place winners were Sheryl and Barbara Cundell, an accordian and guitar duo from Pembroke.

Judges for the evening were Mr.Ron Wood of TV station CJOH, Mr. Doug Anderson from CJET in Smiths Falls and Mrs. Marie Taylor who kindly filled in at the last moment for an ailing Bill Roberts of CKOY. 

Mrs, Taylor was associated for some time with educational television and has worked with Graham Kerr, the “Galloping Gourmet”. With so many entries, the judges deliberations took considerable time which was filled with entertainment by the “Tailtwisters”  a ‘barbershop quartet from Kemptville. They entertained both during intermission and following the show. 

An appearance by the “Whistling Top Hats” got a big chuckle from the audience. Although unrecognisable the three performers were Almonte Lions Bob Hudson, John Mansfield and Lynden Somertoh, who were all selected for the performance, apparently, for their physical attributes. 

In all a most successful programme and the Almonte Lions wish to commend not only all the performers but the many accompanists who assisted including Mrs. R. Cochran, Mrs. O ’Keefe, Mrs. S. Clark, Dawson Girdwood, Reg Hill, Glen Paul, Allan Giles, Bernard Finner, Barry Munroe, Miss Beverley Sadler and Lion Mirl Chaffee.

April 1971

Betty Anderson

January 13 at 9:13 AM  · Does anyone remember the concerts that were put on at the town hall. I think the mans name was Leo Lindsay who organized them. We did musicals and plays. We had a lot of fun.

Barbara Joan CookI remember the Friday night dances sponsored by the Lions Club

Pat SterlingThere was the Teen and twenty club run by robert newton and I. I think it was 25 cents each Friday, and then with proceeds we got a good band, for the same 25 cent admission at the end of the month.🥳🥳

Pat SterlingBarbara Joan Cook we got the town hall for free on Friday night. Insurance? Dunno. No real contracts in those days..but that’s about fifty years ago. I recall that robert and I purchased those lovely blue lights for the two magnificent trees by the war monument from our profits.Once I went to Prius X, I stopped doing it. Maybe the lion’s club took over.I have one fond memory of you Barb…😍

Nora HeadleyI remember going once when I was still in elementary school to see a show that Michael Finner was in. (Dorothy’s eldest son)

Nora Headley that sounds like the bi-annual high school concerts. The boys football team did the can-can (Mike included). It was hilarious!

Norma Jean BeaupreMy sister Rosemarie Mote was involved in organizing the teen and twenty dances at the Town Hall. We had awesome bands

Sharon SavardLeo Lindsay did a lot for the youth in Almonte years ago very nice man.

Leona PenleyCarl Sadler..in musicals. Loved them

Joan ArmstrongI remember going to my older sister’s graduation that were held there from High School – also high school gymnasts performing – that wasn’t yesterday.

Lynda ReynoldsI remember Leo Lindsay in charge of Miss Almonte and princesses in the Miss eastern Ontario pageant….I think that was his name…..a very nice gentleman!


The Westport Jamboree — Looking for Photos

The Westport Jamboree — Looking for Photos


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 16 Jul 1960, Sat,
  3. Page 38



It all started reading about Charlie Leech and if you don’t know about him, you can read all about him here. CLICK HERE

Then people began to talk about the Westport Jamboree.. If any of you have photos we would love to see them.


David Ferguson Was not Charlie Leech the Father of Dorothy Bresee (Daryl Bresee) I Stayed at a white stucco farmhouse for a couple summers at a farm Leech (1954 and 1955) . The farm was between Newboro and Crosby ? Am I close to being correct or am I way off. Mrs Leech and Daryl’s mom made Dandelion wine for medicinal purposes only – grin. It always appeared at the Chaffey’s Locks summer Sunday picnics. As kids it seemed a wobbly drive home after. GRIN

Jacky Brady Wasn’t Charlie Leech the founder of Camp IAWAH on Wolfe Lake??

David Ferguson Well Cam Iawah was a great Church Camp for us, met my first girlfriend there and remained friends for more than 20 years. No idea who started it but well done as I recall at least as a camper.

Christina Card I asked mom, Jacky, and she said Charlie Leech was indeed the founder of Camp Iawah.

Rita Moore Christine Janeway Svendsen, would you know the years, that the fair was in Westport. I remember going as a young girl, was it held where the community centre is now.???? Thanks for you help and your postings always enjoy.


David Ferguson The fair was certainly there for quite some time I suspect when the new fire hall was built that it stopped – not sure would that be around 62-63? . But we sure had fun the cotton candy was of course great, I used to hang out at the wheels of chance. The Ferris wheel was not that high but was always scary for me. I never liked the ring on the bottle cause it just never worked. My sister used to win stuff a lot. I think the art show is a real draw and so much better.

David Ferguson For us the real fun was the Friday and Saturday night dances at Scotts ballroom.

Christine Janeway Offhand I don’t know for sure when the fairs were in town, but when I get back into the Museum in the spring I’ll see what I can find out.

Rita Moore I would say that were still coming up until aleast 1958-59, was great fun. And yes the dances at Scott’s ballroom were the best……….

Jacky Brady David Ferguson I think you are recalling the “Jamboree”. It was sponsored each summer by the Lions Club. There was a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bingo, crown and anchor etc. It ran until at least the mid ’70’s. It was a summer highlight for us Westport kids.

David Ferguson Indeed that was it wow into the 70’s? I left to go to school in 66 so missed a lot of stuff after that.

Donna Richardson I always understood the “Jamboree” here in town ended when it was pretty much rained out one year and the “carnies” were so disgusted with the poor turnout, they emptied the sewage from their trailers along Concession St. as they left town. The town had to clean the road and was so upset with them, they were never invited back. After that I believe we had a small circus come to town and the RCMP Musical Ride came for the centennial in 1967. Certainly once the firehall was built and improvements made to the ball field, there was never a fair as we remember it.

Cheryl Ready Jamboree was definitely there in the early seventies as I was living there then. I think I had a budget of four dollars to last the whole fair.

Christine Janeway I can definitely remember some sort of fair down by the arena when I was younger, and I was born in ’72, so there was something still going in the latter part of the 70’s…

Rita Moore Jacky Brady, That is right Jacky—now I remember it was called the Jamboree…. How we looked forward to that coming to town..

Susan Beamish oh the memories My mom sitting at the bingo and me running back every hour for some more change please and don’t forget the swings they were my favorite… Twisting it up before you took off so you spun around like crazy..

Cheryl Ready I loved the swings. Great memories.


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte

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The Beginning of Things in Westport

Electrical Plugs — Hats– and Impressive Men – Putting on the Ritz in Almonte


Please play while viewing pictures

The Invitation

images (8)

The Almonte Lions Club invites you to step back in time for a Victorian Tea and Fashion Show on June 13, 2015.

The event will be held at the newly named Octagon Room, formerly the Fairview Manor Dining Hall, 95 Spring Street, Almonte
from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and promises to transport you to a time of china and lace. Attendees are encouraged to wear fascinators, or tea hats and prizes will be awarded for the fanciest and most original designs. Fascinators will also be available for purchase at the door. 
While you dine on a lovingly prepared lunch, fashions from yesteryear will be presented by Vintage Wear of Almonte and fashions for today’s modern woman will be presented by Nancy’s Impressions of Carleton Place.


Henry James once said:

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

The Tea Party is back — and what a Mad Hatter’s Party this was in Almonte!  Read about the Carleton Place Ladies Who Lunch Tea last week here. Where’s next weeks?


The event was held in a retro 60’s designed room called The Octagon Room at the Fairview Manor in Almonte, Ontario. It was packed with hats, gloves and handsome waiters.


It doesn’t  matter if you do not know anyone- you will always find someone you know. Hi Peggy!


More Carleton Place ladies putting on the ritz out of town.


Now who would this hat belong to?


Who knew men knew how to pour tea?


We suggested the silent auction contain these gentlemen instead of books.:) Very delightful!


Nancy Code Miller presents her fashions from Nancy’s Impressions in Carleton Place.


Can we say Flora looks amazing?


Vicki Racey’s Vintagewear from Almonte was next!


Shades of Jackie O!


When we put on our Ladies Who Lunch Tea in Carleton Place last week we found out the restrictions of older buildings early on. We were shocked to find out there were no electrical plugs at the bar and very few in the venue when we began initial planning. There was also no kitchen, and no refrigeration. Sometimes, you have to make choices to have it in a wonderful venue like the Carleton Place Town Hall or the Octagon Room.

The Almonte ladies had the same issues. Very few plugs blew a fuse, and after an initial tea pour, the tea and coffee had to be shipped in via Tim Horton’s. But you know what? If they had not announced it we would have never known. Yesterday, I not only celebrated the Queen’s birthday I also celebrated the Almonte Lion’s Club for their wonderful tea and their professionalism.

Bravo, well done and I look forward to next year!

A 21 gun salute for the Almonte Lions Club and the Queen.