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“Cry Me a River’ Movies Shot in Our Area Thanks to Tiffany Maclaren

“Cry Me a River’ Movies Shot in Our Area Thanks to Tiffany Maclaren

Updated May 2021

Thanks to Tiffany we will be getting updates to keep this current.. Thanks Tiffany!!

This is from our gal .Tiffany MacLaren in Almonte– Thank you!!HI LindaI hope you are well! I noticed you shared a post with an article about Movies in Almonte so I thought you might in interested in this list. The Evil Twin was on Lifetime this weekend and can be watched on YouTube for free also. Pretty cheesy but lots of fun local sightings.Often the titles are only working titles and change before they are released (I imagine there is a lot of duplication) so the titles in my list could be wrong. I update when I get new information

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