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Aliens in Lanark County



Recently I read that European countries like France and Belgium have publicly acknowledged the existence of UFOs, and have released previously classified information on the subject. There have been too many credible sightings and encounters with UFOs. Who they are, and what they want– we may never know, but they are out there.

The first time my world was introduced to space information was in 1961 when Alan Shepherd went 116 miles up in space. My mother sat in her wheelchair and cried her eyes out, and repeated over and over,

“That poor man’s wife! What is she going to do without him?”


Of course Shepherd was just fine, and my mother marveled at what had just transpired. I, of course, was more interested in American Bandstand then entering into space travel.  Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and I insist that no one dare knock mine down about aliens. When my kids went to elementary school, rumour was that one of their mother’s friends had been abducted by aliens outside of Almonte, Ontario. She had actually lived to tell the tale.

Her story would eventually sell, self published, for $4.99 in the coming year at local bookstores throughout Lanark County. Mum even appeared on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries and some suggested “up and down the line” she might had have moon rocks in her head. I sometimes think that most of the alien hoaxes belong in the World Weekly News, but I do believe in Area 51 and the Almonte abduction.  Maybe the calls the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) received last year from Prescott, Ontario, were not just the lights from the local Riverside Pontiac Buick car lot.


Last summer I did go to the exact spot where the local mother was allegedly abducted. Nothing but rolling land,  and lots of power lines that go all the way to the huge power dam in Arnprior, Ontario. This would be the same dam where people have constantly reported alien sightings.

As I stood there by the side of the road with nary a car going by me; I shivered.  There was nothing but total silence, except for the sounds of live power sifting through the lines and waiting for the odd spaceship to gas up.

I was kind of worried standing there in the middle of nowhere, but I figured I was pretty safe. Yes, I remembered the ways you can be abducted, and yes, I made sure I was prepared.

Personally I think an up and coming trend for Apple might be the “TinFoil Hat App for the iPhone” so your communications are not monitored by aliens or Men in Black.

Mulder? Scully?

Time to watch X-Files!


Amanda Armstrong just told me : I’ve seen a couple in the past year. One in Ottawa last March, and the most recent a few months ago, while driving on McNeely. Personally,I never did see an alien that day outside of Almonte, ON. and I wondered why until I saw a comment on a blog I did about aliens last year.  Gorlockness, a random blogging alien who does indeed write on Open Salon told me why. His exact message was:

“We had our sites set on Ur sight in Canada but U moved.  We are getting new coordinates now. Do U require the probe to be warmed ahead of time?

Keeping aye on U, linda, waiting for U to leave bizzy city and come back, come back …to remote rural Renfrew, Ontario… Renfrew is, i beleev, Canadas area 51- it’s a date”

The Line forms to the left for question period– Carp You’ve got them too!

Carleton Place- The Happiest Damn Town in Lanark County

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