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No to Hotel Licenses in Carleton Place –1952

No to Hotel Licenses in Carleton Place –1952

November 1952- Almonte Gazette

The plebiscite on granting hotel licenses in Carleton Place resulted in a negative answer on the part of the electors when almost 80 per cent of those eligible to vote went to the polls on Wednesday. Not only for those who favored the change, and a fail to get the necessary 60 per cent, but none of the three questions was accorded a straight affirmative majority. For some strange reason, those who framed the vote chose to submit three questions instead of one direct query.

The ballots asked the electors if they were in favor of men’s beverage rooms; in favor of women’s beverage rooms; in favor of the sale of beer in licensed hotel dining rooms. The vote stood as follows on these three questions: Men’s beverage rooms: for 1,123, against 1,- 263; women’s beverage rooms: for 1,126, against 1,283; dining room, sale, for 1,185, against 1,196.

In 1944, the town voted by more than the necessary 60 per cent majority for a retail liquor store and beer warehouse. Some 900 people entitled to exercise the franchise signed the petition for the vote, that took place yesterday. Figures show that only a couple of hundred more than signed the document voted for the change. Those opposed to beverage rooms were more active than those in favor of them.

Some business people who would have liked to come out actively for the change were afraid to do so because they claimed the so-called temperance forces were so bitter they would indulge in business reprisals. It is expected now that those who lost, and are really angry, will indulge in business reprisals against some of those who made themselves openly busy on the other side. They argue that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Those opposed to the beverage rooms bought up space in the Carleton Place paper and waged the usual campaign with the old fashioned Carrie Nation slogans about the Demon Rum. The other side apparently wras less active, only ran one advertisement. Both sides got out last minute pamphlets.

Carleton Place has three hotels, none of which is making money in a way that would permit improvement or adequate taxes for the municipality.

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