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Mad as Hell– Become a Superhero for Carleton Place




Once upon a time I was the Poster Queen and flyered my derriere off to promote the Ottawa music scene and local events. Do people even look at flyers anymore, or did they convert to social media sites? So how do you promote something–like our town?

Most flyers don’t work now because they are off target with their thinking, and just blanketing flyers all over the place is going to provide frustrating results.  Once you see that event poster/flyer once it’s done. People get most of their information online now – all you have to do is bump into everyone looking at their phone to prove that point. Sad, but very true.

Of course social media is like playing pool–everybody thinks they can do it. But the more you play, the more you realize the difference between a good player and a poor one. Most times posts that directly promote products or sales come from businesses that are new to Facebook. They try to use it the same way that they use traditional marketing like flyers and print ads and fail, leaving them thinking that Facebook and social media don’t work.

So why am I rambling here?

This morning as most of you know, I was angry Carleton Place got on the short list again.

Today it was:

10 Super Cute Small Towns In Ontario You Need To Road Trip To This Summer

A few months ago it was:

Almonte Featured on Shopify — Of Course I am Jealous

Am I happy for Almonte and Perth? Of course I am because I love spending time in those particular towns. If I was Merrickville though, I might be a tad annoyed for being left off the list too. What about Smiths Falls?

So what works? What can help us become noticed? First of all we need to tidy up a bit and stop being so slow in doing things. We need to invest in our waterfront, and most importantly believe in what we have.

Let’s be blunt- I am off the deep end in what I do–crazy even.  I don’t get paid to do this and I sure have better things to do.  But somehow over a year ago I made a personal commitment to do something after I saw empty storefronts on the Main Street and heard the complaints daily. Maybe I do need a 12 step program – but it’s too late now. You are stuck with me.

No one can do anything alone, and Lisa Strangway from the Carleton Place Social Scene, Becky Whelan from the Carleton Place Restaurant Review, Lanark County News and Events and Sarah Cavanagh from Discover Carleton Place sure help me get the message across by letting me post on their pages.

You see, that’s the ticket- we have to do this together. The Carleton Place Farmers Market has joined hands now with the Downtown Carleton Place BIA and that means we are cross promoting each other and that is huge! Just lately new friends from  all over the world are retweeting my tweets about Carleton Place, and I would like to thank Screamin Mamas from Florida and @Ontario411_ for being such dedicated retweeters for our town. Without hashtaggging them or begging they take the initiative and promote our town.

So what can you do? Somewhere, a quote that’s been rehashed between Terry Pratchett Lewis Carroll and Elsie Gardiner from Carleton Place hit me one day when I was reading something at the Museum.

If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going.

It makes sense to me- even if it doesn’t to you. I know I live in the town of Carleton Place and I know promoting and being proud of my town is where I am going. How do we finally get our town noticed? Begin by sharing one thing about your town a day. That’s all– and let’s put this place on the map!


Thanks  Ontario 411– you’ve been swell:)





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