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It Started with a Sea Captain — LeMaistre

It Started with a Sea Captain — LeMaistre

unknown artist; Captain Edward Le Maistre; Jersey Heritage; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/captain-edward-le-maistre-137519

Captain Edward Le Maistre

unknown artist

Maritime Museum, Jersey(UK)

Almonte Gazette–Feb 2 1950.

Mrs. Edward LeMaistre has received a copy of The Evening Post, a daily newspaper published at St. Helier in the Island of Jersey. It was sent to her by a friend of her late husband who visited the family here some years ago. His name is George LeFeuvre. This issue of the newspaper contains a very full account of the life of Mr. LeMaistre, the Canadian part of the story being taken from the Almonte Gazette, a copy of which was sent to Mr. LeFeuvre by Mrs. LeMaistre.

In an introduction to the Article the editor has this to say: “Around the world the sons and daughters of Jersey have made their mark on the communities where they have settled, and in which, almost Without exception, they became respected citizens. Few here forget these fellow countrymen in other lands and few of them , however long they may have been away, forget their little island home and those of Jersey blood.”

The story goes on to tell of Mr. LeMaistre’s boyhood. His grandfather was a ship captain. After his father’s death, at the age of 16, Mr. LeMaistre shipped for La Cote, Gaspe, in the sailing vessel, Cornucopia, Captain Poingdestre in command. A companion on the voyage, John LeCocq, ss still living in Malbaie County, Gaspe.

The Jersey newspaper is full of advertising, well gotten up, and looks very prosperous. St. Helier is the capital of Jersey, has a population of 26,000 and is a port and seaside resort.

Feb 2 1950.

  • Le Maistre, Abraham – Magdalene 1804, Betsy 1799
  • Le Maistre, Edward – Master’s Cert 43340, Circassian 1860, Happy Return 1871, Grace 1872
  • Le Maistre, Francis – Harmony 1804, Calista 1815, Fanny 1816
  • Le Maistre, Jean – Anne Mary 1806, Two Friends 1808, Flora 1808, William Dumaresq 1810-15, Dolphin 1818
  • Le Maistre, Philip – lived Parade Road, St H, Siren 1836, Island Queen 1877
  • Le Maistre, Philip Thomas – (1845- ) St H, mar. Matilda Cabeldu – 1900, lost with his ship, St Lawrence
  • Le Maistre, Pierre – Courier 1823-31, Guernsey Lily 1829, died 1860s, lived St Lawrence
  • Le Maistre, William – lived Quebec 1787
  • This list is based on that researched by John Jean for his 1982 book Jersey Sailing Ships. It is not quite clear what criteria he adopted for the men he classed as ‘Jersey’s sea captains’. Some were not born in Jersey, some were masters of vessels which were not Jersey based, but it is likely that most of them operated out of Jersey ports at some point in their career

1917 – Carleton Place Herald

Increased horseshoeing charges, to fifty cents per shoe, were quoted in a joint announcement of fourteen blacksmith shops.  They were those of Duncan Cameron, Richard Dowdall, Robert Kenny, McGregor Bros. (Forbes and Neil), and James Warren & Son, all of Carleton Place ; Edward Bradley, William Jackson, Edward Lemaistre and William McCaughan, all of Almonte ; and George Turner of Appleton, George Kemp at Black’s Corners, S. Robertson at Ashton, Robert Evoy at Innisville and Michael Hogan at Clayton.

Port de Grave, 1770/1. Tucker Receipt book. Jacques/James Lempriere and Company agent in Port de Grave, was Charles Coutanche.

1771. Tucker Receipt Book. William LeMaistre, agent at Port de Grave for Phil Nicolle.

1772. Tucker Receipt Book. William LeMaistre, agent at Port de Grave for Charles Coutanche.

Charles LeMaistre was Captain; Jersey to Harbour Grace, during this time.


Newfoundland voyages played only a specific role with Lempriere & Co. of the Channel Islands.

Lempriere & Co. sent vessels to Southampton, London, Cowes, Bideford, South Carolina, West Indies, Jamaica, etc.

John Boutillier; Elias Vibert; J. Le Mai(s)tre; Charles LeMaistre (regular at Harbour Grace, 1770’s ); Edward Coombes; Joseph Simon; etc., were Lempriere Captains, 1700’s.

*****Expand this captain listing…

John LeMaistre, surgeon on the “Vulture”, 1778, for merchant Fillieul.

A piece of LeMaistre history on Pete Brunelles page.. Love this photo-Steve Nelson Love this picture. That was my great grandfather Edward LeMaistre. Although I didn’t get to meet him as he died 10 years before I was born, my mother always speaks of what a nice man he was.


Le Maistre

Emigrants to Canada – L

Channel Islanders, and particularly Jerseymen, emigrated in large numbers to Canada in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Most were attracted by well-paid, secure jobs with the companies established
in Newfoundland and New Brunswick, on the Canadian Atlantic
Coast, to trade in cod, which abounded in offshore waters

James R Le Maistre from Jersey to Cap-des-Rosiers before 1878. Sailor. Married in 1878 Jane Price from Little Gaspé.

James Le Maistre to Saint-Alban (Cap-des-Rosiers) in 1881. Married. Born in the Channel Islands in 1853.

Charles Philip Le Maistre from Jersey to Paspébiac in 1908 for LeBoutillier Brothers. Clerk and merchant at Sayabec and at New Carlisle. Married in 1923 at Métis Beach, to R A Nelson.

Captain Philip Lemaistre from Jersey to Québec and Pictou in Nouvelle-Écosse about 1879. Drowned on “Saint-Olaf” in 1900 near Sept-Îles. Married Matilda Cabeldu From Jersey.

Philippe Le Maistre to Pointe-aux-Esquimaux in 1881 Married. Born in Jersey in 1836.

Le Maistre burials at St Pierre, Paspébiac: William Le Maistre of Jersey, brother of Francis Le Maistre, Lieut-Gouvernor of Gaspé district, died in 1826 aged 77.

Sir Francis Le Maistre from Jersey to Québec before 1775, English Army officer, 3rd Lieut-Governor of Gaspé, married Margaret Stuart.

Francis Le Maistre to Inverness in 1881. Born in Jersey in 1788. Widower

William Le Maistre from Jersey to Paspébiac about 1775 and to Québec, justice of the peace, married Jeanne Simon of Gaspé.

Charles Philip Le Maistre, Born in Jersey in 1895 and died in 1962, is buried at the United Church of Canada, Paspébiac Ouest.

John Le Maistre to Québec about 1864. Married Susan Langlois in 1864. Probably from Channel Islands.

Philip Le Maistre from Jersey to Magpie in 1870. Married Esther Duguay of Paspébiac and E Girard of Rivière-Saint-Jean.

Clarence Le Maistre from Jersey to Natashquan about 1911 for Robin.

From Pete Brunelle—I believe it is on water street in Almonte–the boy is my grandfather , with his 2 sisters and mother and father ,

The LeMaistre family located in both Valley towns Carleton Place and Almonte.

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa JournalOttawa, Ontario, Canada12 Sep 1936, Sat  •  Page 13

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada18 Dec 1954, Sat  •  Page 10

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada08 Mar 1993, Mon  •  Page 39

Ray Paquette

I can remember when Ted doing this for real at the old CPR railroad station on Miguel Street.

Kimberly Townend-Willetts


Edward J LeMaistre & Christena Currie 51st wedding anniversay April 4 1949

Ted LeMaistre Mayor of CP- Ginny Huether-Harry Probert and Rob Probert- Opening of their store across from the town hall.

This is Jim Guthrie, Ross,”Doc” MacDowell and Ted LeMasitre posing for this photo in 1914. LeMaistre went on to become the mayor of Carleton Place. Jim Guthrie ran a grocery store in Almonte later living in Blakeney and Carleton Place. Photo- Jim Guthrie/ thanks to Lucy Connelly Poaps scrapbook.

Sherene Baird Flint

My Uncle Ross MacDowell was a family physician in Carleton Place and Almonte! (We don’t have many pics of the MacDowell brothers) Thanks for posting it

1979 from the newspapers of Joann Voyce

Pamela LeMaistre


Grannie & Grandpa LeMaistre when he was mayor of CP, with Aunt Bette chauffeuring in her yellow Triumph convertible.

I loved that car (except for that one time I tried to spit out my gum in the backseat and it landed in my long hair!) —

The LeMaistre Garage Fire

Almonte Genealogy– LeMaistre’s or Currie Family — Steve Nelson

Celebrating Christmas in July — Mary Cook Archives — LeMaistre

Caldwell Public School Evan Greenman Ted LeMaistre – Thanks to Pete Brunelle

Overnight Lock-up Guests Should Be Fed For 25c Apiece — Little Geneaology

Overnight Lock-up Guests Should Be Fed For 25c Apiece — Little Geneaology

The question of what kind of meal should be furnished to transient guests in Almonte lock-up was discussed at the council meeting on Tuesday night. At the present time the caretaker, Ed. Little, gives these men a breakfast that costs the town 35 cents. It was felt they should get plainer grub at not more than 25 cents and after a good deal of talk Thomas Reid, the new chairman of the police committee, was asked to interview Mrs. Little on the subject and report back to council at a special meeting, Friday night. 

This matter was brought up by Councillor Montgomery who was on the police committee last year. He pointed out that many of the men who were out of employment and sought a night’s lodging in the local jail went around saying they did not get the kind of breakfast they were entitled to when they honoured a town such as Almonte with a night’s patronage. 

This caused talk that was unfair to Mr. and Mrs. Little. Mr. Montgomery thought some set bill of fare should be arranged so as to relieve the caretaker and his wife of any responsibility and criticism. Someone suggested that Mr. Reid was the very man to draw up a menu for the unwelcome overnight/ guests the town is forced to entertain.

 It was hinted that if he made it plain enough the word might spread and there would be fewer calls on Almonte’s hospitality. Mr. Reid refused to accept responsibility. for arranging what the transients were going to eat. He thought though that a meal suitable for them could be served for .25 cents and still leave enough to reimburse Mr. and Mrs Little for their trouble. Mayor Comba felt there should be nothing fancy about the food served to these gentlemen of the road. While he did not believe in turning them out in the winter months with nothing to eat. He couldn’t see why the town should go to needless expense in the matter. His Worship instanced the case of Smiths Falls where it was decided that such transients spending a night in the lock up should get tea without milk and sugar, bread and butter. “Yes and in the end they didn’t get anything,” said Former Councillor LeMalstre who was sitting In the audience. “I guess that’s right, ” replied Mayor Comba amidst laughter. Jan 1933

In 1935, the Star published a recipe for coffee “cream” that combined egg yolk, sugar and water. The Canadian Woman’s Cook Book of 1939 contains six recipes for fake foods, including almonds made of croutons, a bisque with tomatoes but no shellfish, cherry pie with cranberries and raisins, and a mock sausage filled with mashed beans and bread crumbs.

One of Kraft Food’s most requested recipes is Mock Apple Pie, which substitutes 36 crushed Ritz crackers for apples, baked in a pie crust along with two cups of sugar, butter, lemon, cream of tartar and cinnamon. It was introduced in 1935, one year after the Ritz cracker, according to Jean Anderson’s American Century Cookbook.


Dough for double-crust pie

18 saltines, halved

1-1/2 cups sugar

1-1/4 cups water

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

1/2 to 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 to 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg


Preheat oven to 400°. On a lightly floured surface, roll 1 half of dough to a 1/8-in.-thick circle; transfer to a 9-in. pie plate. Trim to 1/2 in. beyond rim of plate.

Layer crackers in shell; set aside. In a small saucepan, combine remaining ingredients; bring to a boil. Carefully pour over crackers (filling will be very thin). Cool for 10 minutes.

Roll remaining dough to a 1/8-in.-thick circle; cut into 1-in.-wide strips. Arrange over filling in a lattice pattern. Trim and seal strips to edge of bottom crust; flute edge. Bake until crust is golden brown, 25-30 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. click for more here..

Photo thanks to the scrapbooks of Lucy Connelly Poaps

Almonte Genealogy– LeMaistre’s or Currie Family — Steve Nelson

Almonte Genealogy– LeMaistre’s or Currie Family — Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson photo

Hi Linda.

You requested people send old family photos. Sorry, I can’t identify who it is but I’m sure she is related somehow related to me and to the LeMaistre’s or Currie families from Almonte. This picture was found in old family photos but no name attached. She is standing at the corner of Water and Bridge streets. (across from the town hall)

I believe the building she is standing in front of on Bridge St burned down in 1909 according to my research so the picture would be sometime before 1909. Read-The Almonte Fire of 1909 Perhaps someone could recognize her as a great grandmother? Wish I could provide more info but thought it was kind of a neat picture due to the age it was taken. Hopefully you can use it.

Steve Nelson

Thanks Steve, please keep sending in those photos.

The Almonte Fire 1909– Bank Manager Badly Injured

The Almonte Fire of 1909