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Could We Do a Tater Tot Crawl in Carleton Place?


Have you ever wanted to spend an entire night eating nothing but tater tots?

Last week in NYC they had a Tater Tot Pub Crawl and I had to think. Does anyone do truffle Tater Tots around here? Tater Tots are now the bomb– but what is so wrong with real potatoes that makes people want fried processed mashed potato nuggets– instead of the real thing? Are they not available in the freezer section at the grocery store? Sometimes, I just wonder who decides which food  is now a new trend. I’ve apparently been “trendy” since I was 2 or 3.

How about these?

Chil Cheese Tots

Pizza Tots

In Carleton Place I am proud to announce we are right on trend! Milano Pizza on Bridge Street already has Tater Tot Poutine ready for our masses! Mazen Kassis was excited to tell us how it began with their Pom-Pom-Poutine!

Chef Tim Wasylko, who is the executive Chef at 24 Sussex Dr., created the PoutineZaa Pizza for Milano Pizza and helped them raise $3250 for The Ottawa Humane Society! After using Tater Tots as a topping for this pizza they decided to try the poutine with tater tots. It is the hottest item they have ever added to their menu! In fact, in the first few months since they created the Pom-Pom-Poutine, it has already taken over 35% of the overall Poutine sales!

Jamie at Law & Orders on Hwy 7 in Carleton Place/Innisville (yes it is CP folks) was also excited to announce they will also be serving a Tater Tot Poutine soon! Of course that will be sold side by side with their regular poutine, and yes, their Poutine Pizza!

Tots are tasty, trendy or not. For a lot of us they are reminiscent of our childhood. Bring on the meatloaf. It’s gotten too much bad press!

So if you live anywhere near the Milano Casselman, Marc has as Nutella Topped Dessert Pizza to go with every order! Bring it on with a side of Tater Tots!!

Milano Pizza

26 Bridge St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V1

Law & Orders

13694 Hwy 7

Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 253-5558