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Langtry’s Dairy Carleton Place Larry Clark

Langtry’s Dairy Carleton Place Larry Clark
All Photo’s are from Larry Clark
Looking for something else in my garage, found this. I would have tried to place them in the Langtry blog but would have had to do it one at a time, so sending to you to do with as 
you will.
Maple Leaf Dairy -249 Bridge Street Carleton Place–Joann Voyce added When this picture was taken this was Langtry’s Dairy/ The building to the right was the Beer Store— Photo Carleton Place and Beckwith Historical Museum

Nancy Hudson– First met Fred when he used to delivery milk to our home in Innisville. He was a really nice man. Remeber when the dairy was first Langtry’s and later Rintouls. read-Treasured Memories of Fred and the Maple Leaf Dairy

Angie Ballantyne–My grandparents Naomi Loton and Gordon Langtry used to run that dairy and lived upstairs. I have an old milk bottle!

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