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Can You Do the Lanark Trek? Starts Today!


When our settlers left home they thought their future home would be covered with grass with beautiful trees scattered about. Instead when they came the found rocks and forests and very few meadows that they had hoped for. Then there were the beavers that built large dams on the flowing rivers and that flooded and created beaver meadows which wasn’t good for growing anything.

Thanks to Norma Ford she sent me this.

SETTLERS TREK STARTS THIS SUNDAY – May 15, 2016 ==============================================
Patti Mordasewicz, Chair, Leeds & Grenville Branch For those of you within driving distance of eastern Ontario, there is a very special event starting on Sunday and ending on Friday May 20th.  A group of dedicated “trekkers” will be re-enacting the travel made by original settlers 200 years ago when they were assembled at Brockville, Ontario and walked, rode or traveled by water to what would become the town of Perth in Lanark County.

You can check out their travels at settlerstrek2016.ca as the participants move from Brockville through the towns, villages and hamlets of Lyn, Athens, Delta, Portland and Rideau Ferry, with their final destination of Perth always on the horizon.  If you’re in the neighbourhood, come out and say “hello”.


Join me as we follow them each day they post.

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