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Nun on the Run

Nun on the Run



Temiscamingue 1887


November 12 1886


A little time has passed since the residents in and around Temiscamingue settlement were startled over the announcement that a pretty young  nun, known as Sister Colombe, had vanished. Entrusted with the work of the church presided over by priests at that station, four other sisters had left the Catholic institution and started for Ottawa.

The facts of the case subsequent to her departure, which by the way have been kept remarkably quiet until now, were substantially as follows:

For some months past a young man named La Ferriere, who until now resided with his father at Temiscainingue had been a frequent visitor at the institution where Sister Colombe lived.

The folks residing about the settlement all thought that his attentions were directed towards a young woman who filled some servant position in the establishment. This party, as subsequent events have proved, was not the one upon whom the affections of young La Ferriere had rested.

Matters for a time went on as usual and the unsuspecting priest having little thoughts of what the events of a few days would develop. He himself had no other idea than that he would shortly have the pleasant duty of tying the nuptial knot between Mr. La Ferriere and the young woman of his choice working for him.

It was not until the announcement that Sister Colombe had hurriedly left the Institution for Ottawa, where her parents resided, that the truth dawned upon him. Young La Ferriere, who is very highly spoken of, and who also was at one time a resident of Ottawa, where his father once held a position under the Government, was not long in following on the tracks of the escaping nun. When he arrived at Ottawa, they were soon made man and wife.





Hearing of Sister Colombe ‘s arrival in Ottawa, and of her leaving the institution at Temiscamingue, Archbishop Duhamel wrote her a letter to call and see him, which, however, she declined to do. Writing in reply she said that if His Grace wished to see her he would find her with her friends.

It is understood that after the marriage of Sister Colombe two or three of her sisters,  added to the original four who had also taken the veil, left the convent. La Ferriere and his bride have returned to the scene of their courtship and settled down on a fine farm he recently purchased in the vicinity of the settlement. The facts of this little episode, as substantially given above, and which are now for the first time published, have been kept very quiet.

One would think they must have emptied out the convent..




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