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The Stewart Drummond Family- Kyla Baron



Photos from Kate Telecki’s Collection

This photo is from the wedding of David Drummond and Lois Lowry. It was taken on the front lawn of the Lowry homestead. From left, back row: William (Bill) Drummond, Gilmour Drummond, David Drummond, Doreen Drummond, Stewart Drummond, Bruce Drummond, Peter Malcolm (Mac) Drummond, John Drummond. Front row from left: Gloria D Drummond, Janet Drummond, Mildred (Millie) Drummond, Allen Drummond


Photos from Kyla Baron’s Collection

A photo of my grandparents Doreen and Stewart Drummond in 1942 with their firstborn sons, the twins Gilmour and David.
they would go on to have a total of 10 children–


Photos from Kyla Baron’s Collection

Doreen Simpson to Stewart Drummond.. Beautiful invitation..


Photos from Kyla Baron’s Collection

This is my Grandparents’ wedding day in Ashton, ON. Doreen Mildred Simpson married Stewart Drummond. Behind them is my grandmother’s sister and my great aunt Audrey Simpson.

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