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Young Kory Earle — People First and Food Bank Clippings

Young Kory Earle — People First and Food Bank Clippings

Thanks Glenda Mahoney-Oct 2004

People First of Canada is the national organization representing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

People First of Canada is the national voice of people who have been labeled with an intellectual or developmental disability. We are about rights – human rights, citizenship rights, accommodations rights and language rights. The right to freedom, choice and equality for all.

Our Local Food Bank

Thanks Glenda Mahoney-

Nothing is as Special as a Hug from Someone With Autism

Because You Loved Me…..

Meet Christopher Drake from Beautiful Minds

There Was Just Something About Larry

Don’t Go Searching on Craigslist For a Family on Christmas…



Kory and his mum

I admit I wear my heart on my sleeve, and there is probably no one that watches more Christmas movies than I do. I know from a personal standpoint that a good Hallmark cry now-and-again is a personal form of emotional cleansing–like last night after viewing a movie about a woman looking for a family to spend the holidays with  on Craigslist. In a world where there is so much sadness and so much to be afraid of, good things do happen to people–not only in Hallmark movies like My One Christmas Wish.



In this area if you are looking for a family to spend Christmas day with Kory Earle and the People First of Lanark County have you covered. Come enjoy Christmas at the Carleton Place Legion, and even Santa Claus will be showing up at 1:30. From 11 am to 4 pm there will be food, music, and most of all, a place to feel loved on the 25th.


If you are worried about lack of transportation –as in previous years, Buds Taxi is providing free transportation to and from the dinner in Carleton Place.  Meal delivery is also available, and anyone that can’t make it to the Legion for the dinner is invited to call (613) 451-0051 to have their meal delivered.

I know I am lucky – and I am sure most of us, no matter what, wouldn’t change ‘our people’ for the world. Like everyone else we have had our disagreements, but through it all we are family, and we stick with each other – through thick and thin. Whenever you need them, the people you call family will be there for you.

Go spend some quality time at the Legion with Kory and the crew.

Author’s Note–And may the internet give you comfort when your family gets a little out of whack this holiday season. After all– we have all become family….even if we are not related.

Calif. woman who tries to rent family via Craigslist gets so much more

My One Christmas Wish



Thanks to the Free Community Christmas Day Dinner Committee  all the folks and businesses like Valley Granite & Tile who have donated food and money.

The Skinny….

Celebrating 10 years of giving – the Free Christmas Day Dinner is back in Carleton Place— Lake 88

People First of Lanark County and the Free Community Christmas Day Dinner Committee are hosting the 10th annual Christmas day dinner at the Carleton Place Legion on Dec. 25.

The tradition started in 2006 and has been a success for the past 10 years feeding more than 1100 people since it started, involving 400 volunteers and 200 sponsors.

This year, the day-long event featuring live music is being held at the Carleton Place Legion from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and as always, everyone is welcome!

Famous for coaxing smiles out of her listeners, Arlene Quinn will be sharing her voice and music at the gathering starting at 2:00 p.m.

“We even got a call from the North Pole that Santa Claus will appear at 1:30 p.m.,” said Earle.

Again as in previous years, Buds Taxi is providing free transportation to and form the dinner in Carleton Place.  Meal delivery is also available and anyone that can’t make it to the Legion for the dinner is invited to call (613) 451-0051 to have their meal delivered.

“So what are you doing on Christmas Day,  why not come along for the ride and join us… this fantastic event is open to everyone!” said Earle.

While we are at it……



As we get closer to Christmas Day we are short Hats and Mitts… Dollar Tree has a box setup where you can purchase it there and put it in box… Our thanks to the Dollar Tree and the Customers for there support and Donation… Dollar Tree has agreed to keep the Box until Friday December 23, 2016

We do accept Gently Used with thanks:) Please drop them off on the deck at 131 Santiago St Carleton Place

Lets ensure everyone is kept warm these holidays! Many Thanks




Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in Hometown News

CELEBRATE The Carleton Place Easter Bunny Run!


Play while viewing pictures

giphy (4).gif


The Bunny Run Carleton Place Ontario- Thanks Kory Earle!

People First once again hosted the Annual Bunny Run in Downtown Carleton Place March 26,2015.

The Easter Bunny along with Kory Earle president of People First of Canada, Deputy Mayor Jerry Flynn, Jim Lockhart and Scott Reid kicked off the event at the Town Hall and a ton of Carleton Place folks:)


The Bunny Run has ended for another year! A huge thanks to all the Business who have participated, it’s because of you that this event is possible😊 After chairing the event for 9 years I can say that we are in the works to plan the 10th annual Bunny Run next April 15,2017..

This year we had a huge record of over 300 Children come out and participate, this is fantastic, Seeing the Many Smiles is well worth it😁😁😁

Thank-you to the Community for coming out, Without you this would also not be possible!!!

Thank-you to People First of Lanark County, Place Council, MP Scott Reid, Businesses, Media, BIA, Volunteers at all levels, Family, Friends, Supporters😊😊😊

Thank-you to the Bunny and Chicken for coming
Kory Earle
Chair of the Bunny Run 2016


















Jim Lockhart, Deputy Mayor Jerry Flynn, and Scott Reid





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Remember The Carleton Place Bunny Run of 2015?

Remember The Carleton Place Bunny Run of 2015?


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Don’t forget this years Bunny Run is coming up..:) March 26th!

If you need to ask yourself why you should attend this year– read all about last years event.:)


Was Jerry Flynn the Real Easter Bunny? The Carleton Place Bunny Run 2015

Magic was about in the town of Carleton Place on Saturday.

There were many tales of chocolate, and happy times on foot.

We needed to prosper, have fun, and not pussyfoot.

The Easter Bunny was on the lips of those who were dear,

Who was he, and would he appear?

And, if you couldn’t bring good news, then give us all some good beer Bronx cheer!

These gals were not talking, but they showed no fear,

They told one and all,

Let’s not have any tears!

Frosty was too busy to think– well just for awhile,

C’mon everyone, let’s just walk the darn mile!”

It was obvious that many knew the real Bunny was afoot,

It was murmured, and whispered, and tales were well put.

Everyone was so quiet, you could heard the drop of a pin,

But, was the real Easter Bunny dressed up as young Jerry Flynn?

They said they knew nothing. But I figured they knew a lot.

I looked and I wondered– which one was the cat?

The other just smiled, sporting her pretty fur hat.

But here he is again,

Is this where the real Bunny is at?

But then I wondered–might he be just be the Cat Without a Hat?

Kory claimed he knew nothing– so did his pal,

Mayor Louis and sweet Ana thought the Bunny’s real name was Hal.

Most remained silent that rocked the Moore House joint.

The Bunny is not up here, and they quickly made their point.

These gals just waved and said,”Oh My” and sighed,

Roy Brown stayed silent and just wanted to fly.

But here HE is again midst our local Tower of Power,

It was obvious that he might just be the man of the hour!

These dogs had no opinion, their smiles were not there,

They just whined and looked at me, then stared in the air.

So was Jerry the Bunny? Was he for real?

This is Cindy, Kory’s mum, and she has nerves of steel.

No matter how hard I asked for some kind of truth,

She told me I should not act like some sort of sleuth.

For the Easter Bunny is magical, and the secret is to remain,

I needed to stop talking and just use my brain,

Jerry Flynn might not be the bunny, yet we should embrace,

The real magic is actually our town,

Yes, that would be the town of Carleton Place.

Shot atthe Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce Building in Carleton Place

Know People that Run Your Town- Jerry Flynn


Message from Kory– Thank you Kory!! 2015

The Bunny Run has come to an end for another year, Let us all reflect on this amazing journey
This year was the BEST YEAR to Date, Seeing hundreds of smiles on the Children’s Faces are beyond priceless and in fact made my day!
Seeing so many people on the streets and shopping local was GREAT!
A Special thanks to Deputy Mayor Jerry Flynn, MP Scott Reid and Frosty, Easter Bunny
What an in creditable turn out we had, over 220 Children Participated!
A huge thanks to the 31 Business that have joined with us!!!
The feedback was Fantastic, people are still talking about how they enjoyed and loved the Bunny Run
I am so thrilled with how things turned out!
I want to take this opportunity to thank, Dollar Tree in Carleton Place Plus the Customers, H & R Block, Accountapotamus inc, People First of Lanark County, Volunteers at all levels, BIA, Politicians at all levels, Community Members, Family, Friends and the Media, I am so proud to have worked with everything, no thanks will ever be enough for what everyone has given!
Thank you to everyone that has been part of the Bunny Run 2015
Kory Earle

What Is the Last Thing You Took from Your Mother When You Left Home?


I bet it was food in some Tupperware container, or heck let’s just take the Tupperware home.

Tupperware is really the only shop-at-home-party product that actually lasts as long as they claimed it would. Gotta love Tupperware– it’s one of the things that have made it from generation to generation. Remember the company doesn’t fool around- this stuff has a lifetime warranty!


I just got rid of a bunch of pieces that my grandmother had from the 70’s. I love Tupperware, but they need to start selling the old retro counter top sugar and flour containers again. Tall yellow was flour. Short yellow was sugar. Short green was powdered sugar and short orange was brown sugar.

Remember the dusty pink/light blue lids with see-through containers? Those little bowls were my cream of wheat bowls as a little kid. When I got older, I’d take leftovers to school in them. The pink pitcher always had those “from concentrate” juices from a can that you add water too.  Anyone’s mum get really mad if you didn’t return your containers the same day? Oprah gets mad when you don’t return hers. Remember that if you get some leftovers from her.:) After the great nuclear apocalypse, all that will be left are cockroaches and these Tupperware bowls

images (49)

Here is your chance to get Tupperware..

Tupperware!! Tupperware for the Holidays!

Wednesday October 28,2015 from 3pm-8pm

Location: 390 Flora Street Carleton Place(Old Bingo Hall)
Now is your chance to get some Tupperware to store all those Halloween treats- and for Christmas

Fundraiser in Carleton Place for People First!

Funded by Tupperware, Provided by Denise Legroux

With proceeds of the Tupperware fundraiser book

40% of sales will be donated to the organization from the Fundraising Book

30% Denise will personally donate

For more information please call Denise at 613 899-4352

Wednesday October 28,2015 from 3pm-8pm

Hope to see you all there!