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Were You the King of King’s Castle in Carleton Place? Linda’s Mailbag


Last night I slipped in a picture of Mill Fab in one of my stories and later wondered what happened to fabric stores.

What happened to all the family run, independent fabric stores in every town? The old fabric industry has indeed undergone huge changes in the last 3 decades. Stores have closed, factories have closed, women are working more, fashion styles have changed, sewing is not being taught in our schools and current trends toward on-line buying have all contributed to this wave of change. When I saw a sewing pattern was selling for $35 a few years ago I realized it was cheaper to buy something ready-made than sew.


I got a comment from “Tom” last night and this is what he said:

I remember many moons ago, going to the Mill Fab, to get my mother material to make clothes. I can’t remember if Fabric World became Mill Fab or vise versa. I remember it was in the Old Embassy Restaurant and Dan’s Bait Shop was right beside it.

You should ask the lads on here, how many of them went to Kings Castle to get their hair cut. I loved going into the pool hall, watching the older fellas play “GOLF”, on the pool tables. You should also talk to Les Reynolds about Corky’s old warehouse on Mill Street. Laurie Melrose with the bowling alley. I love reading your articles and there is a lot of history for sure in CP.-Tom

So tell me about King’s Castle? Were you the King of your domain there? Let’s see if we can round up some memories:)



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