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The Sometimes “Keystone Cops Moments” of the Carleton Place Police



On August 21, 1918, several persons stormed the local Carleton Place jail at an early hour. After smashing the lock on the cell door the small mob freed Russell Perrin. Perrin, a man with one leg,  had a rap sheet longer than your arm had been charged with stealing an auto in Ste Catherines, Ontario.

He and another accomplice had stolen gas from an Ottawa garage and drove off without paying for it. They were caught on Highway 7 and sent to Carleton Place to serve 30 days in jail. They were later let go to on a suspended sentence. Later on word got to the Carleton Place cops that Perrin had stolen a car from someone in town on his way out. Perrin was apprehended once again and locked in a cell with his wife– who came back with him this time.

The Ste. Catherine’s man told his wife not to worry as someone would get him out. Police say it would have been physically impossible for Perrin to have broken the lock by himself as it was located more than two feet from the opening in the door. How he got out was never solved, and this time he wasn’t caught. Mrs. Perrin, with the loss of her now escaped husband and her 13 month old baby in tow, had to be cared for by town officials as she was now destitute.

No other account was written about either of them.

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