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The Carleton Place Kazoo Band — Great Moments in Kazoo History



Photo from—Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Did you know the 100 Club Kazoo Band of Carleton Place made its debut during Old Home Week in 1924?


William Pattie – 1842/1931

Mayor of Carleton Place – 1893 – Building Contractor and “Oldest Surviving Son of Carleton Place”.


W.P. Pattie who was known as “Pills” waved the baton to lead the parade. Classic and jazz music were one and the same to the band. The kazoo quickly became popular in America, and was dubbed the “most democratic” instrument in the world as just about anyone can pick one up and play it right away. That appeared to be the case in the Carleton Place band as few members knew one note from another– bass and treble meant nothing.

While no one in that band knew how to play the tuba or the bass drum, the kazoo was the only instrument just about anyone could learn right off the bat. Non-kazoo operating members of their band played a wax-paper-covered comb.


Historical Note

Carleton Place Centenary Celebration and Old Home Week

August 3, 1924.

Dalton Corry Coleman

Guest of Honor” – Vice President in charge of the Western lines for the Canadian Pacific Railway.


Darla Fisher Giles added the above picture- Thanks Darla!!

This is a picture of my house and Dalton Coleman, where he grew up. It was taken during Home Week in 1924