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Glory Days in Carleton Place– Norma Ford



Photos Courtesy of Norma Ford


This is how The Tales of Carleton Place  on Facebook goes.  I write, people comment on my posts, and I document them on the story. Then some send me stories which I love. Another guest author today– Carleton Place’s very own Norma Ford– Thank you Norma!

James Moulton was my Grandfather and Harriet Walker Fisher my Grandmother
who had a farm across the street from us on Sarah Street.All the children were born at 26 Sarah Street, in later years it was changed to 92 Sarah Street.  They owned the
land that Caldwell Street is built on (used as their hay field for the
cattle) and also owned land at what was the end of Woodward Street where the
subdivision is now.  They sold it to Allan Doucett,  Councilman Brian Doucett’s father for a
housing development when they were unable to farm any more, probably the late

My grade was one of the first classes to attend Caldwell Street
School and because it had been a hay field before that, at recess the boys
would find the snakes and throw them at the girls.  I had one wrapped around
my neck (it was alive) and I just about died of a heart attack.  To this day
when I see one but my sweetie is kind to me, kills them, and gets rid of them
so I don’t see them.


Joseph Moulton and Mary Ford- Photos Courtesy of Norma Ford


My Grandparents had the last farm in Carleton Place and I had the pleasure
of milking the cows and shovelling ‘what they produced intestinally” as a young girl.  My sister and I were the only Girl Guides to get the milking badge in Carleton Place as we
had access to a cow.  We learned how to separate and make butter and loved the left
over, fantastic buttermilk.–Norma Ford





This is a picture of Norma Ford’s family cow on the old Caldwell Street farm.  Donna McLaren posted it as she loves this cow..thank you!



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